ࡱ> /1,-.7 hbjbjUU &7|7|hlVVVVVVVjl jr  @####$n!%$E%       $  8\ VY%$$Y%Y% a)VV## :a)a)a)Y%BV#V# a)Y% a) a)+32 yVV # $j2& <6 <r  'D a)jjVVVVCETIS EC SIG Minutes Minutes of the 8th meeting of the CETIS EC SIG Learning & Teaching Scotland, Glasgow Thursday 28th August 2003 Held in conjunction with CETIS Assessment SIG Meeting on 29th August Participants Dick Bacon, Warwick Bailey, Phil Barker, Niall Barr, Tim Barrett, Eddie Boyle, Jake Broadhurst, Colin Calder, Gayle Calverley, Lorna M. Campbell, Deirdre Carlisle, John Casey, Clive Church, Mike Clarke, Fiona Concannon, Stewart Cromar, Rowin Cross, Sarah Currier (Chair), Mary Cuttle, Claire de la Varre, Steve Draper, Charles Duncan, Gerry Graham, Nicole Harris, Paul Hollands, Steve Jeyes, Kevin Johnson, Lewis Jones, Wilbert Kraan, Tina Manoharan, John Mc Cann, Tony McDonald, Celeste McLaughlin, Sheila MacNeill, Manolis Mavrikis, Andrew Middleton, Colin Milligan, Martin Morrey, Ana Pecova, Judith Ramsay, Paul Rattray, Mark Robinson, Niall Sclater, Ricky Squires, Bill Steele, Robbie Thompson, Lipeng Wen, Sue White, Lara Whitelaw, Scott Wilson, Puzhuang Zhu. Apologies Wilma Alexander, Neil Ballantyne, Suzanne Hardy, Jean Henderson, Brian Hoffman, David Millman, Paul Riddy, Vashti Zarach. Welcome, introductions and housekeeping CETIS Reports & Announcements Educational Content SIG Sarah Currier, EC SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk. PowerPoint slides:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923140635" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923140635. EC SIG Activities Since June 2003: Produced CETIS Briefing Paper on IMS Simple Sequencing (See presentation/demo below by Briefing author Warwick Bailey. Briefing available online at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/lib/media/ssbrief.pdf" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/lib/media/ssbrief.pdf). Commissioned CETIS Briefing Paper on ADL SCORM (Also by Warwick Bailey). Continued work on CETIS Briefing Paper on IMS Learning Design (By Ann Jeffery). Supported CETIS Code Bash 2 & 2nd Pedagogy Forum meeting (See presentation below on Code Bash 2 by Wilbert Kraan). Supported JISC & other programmes & projects. Attended July 2003 IMS Quarterly Meeting, work on IMS InterActive Content SIG. Co-located with alt-i-lab conference; took part in Content/Assessment Group. Evaluation of 7th EC SIG meeting have noted continuing requests for less full agendas to allow more time for discussion; this meeting is an attempt at meeting that need. EC SIG Plans IMS Learning Design workshop in collaboration with CETIS Pedagogy Forum: 28-29 Oct. 2003. CETIS Briefing on Pedagogy and Interoperability in collaboration with CETIS Pedagogy Forum. Revamped EC SIG website. Commission case studies: any volunteers? Continued close involvement with IMS InterActive Content SIG and other content-related specs. Develop introductory workshop to use when needed. FE Focus Group Clive Church, FE Focus Group Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:cchurch@Newark.ac.uk" cchurch@Newark.ac.uk. (Verbal report, no slides available). FEhas pockets of research and development expertise within its colleges but many of the other 500 colleges are still unaware of the opportunities that interoperability can offer. The recently released content from NLN is topic based and designed to be used across the spectrum from classroom delivery to distance learning.Becta, who have been responsible for the content, have provided leadership for both FE and HE in the adoption of standards. Much of the material could be used as exemplars for content developers. Additionalgovernment fundingfor content will focus on adult & community learning. A major responsibility of this sector is basic skills- 20% of people are functionally illiterate and need to be engaged. The sectorneeds tools and resources to engage these people. Building on its previous experience we can look forward to some rich standards-compliant interactions being developed. Current strategic activities affecting the sector are being addressed by the NLN Transformation Board and Diana Laurillard's e-Learning Strategy White Paper. FE Focus Group works with agencies such as Becta, LSDA and NILTA as an extra resource. Its strength comes from the expertise within the SIGs. As an example the Group is working with the Association of Colleges and NILTA in informing principals and governors of the implications of interoperability on their college strategies. The Group is aiming to plug gaps in regions as they have beenAnglo-centric so far starting a cell based in Glenrothes in Scotland, and another linked with the FE e-learning strategy team in Wales have been arranged. Of the nations of the UK those apart from England have benefited from such projects as SWANI and a more cohesive e-learning strategy in achieving the benefits of interoperability. This was demonstrated by the expertise available at our first Scottish meeting at Glenrothes College on 26th August. FE is where real teaching takes place. In order to meet an inclusive learning agenda where all disabilities and backgrounds have to be catered for,excellent content is required. HEIs are asked to engage with FE so that their technical expertise can help address some of the challenges the sector faces in obtaining really useful content. Metadata SIG Phil Barker, CETIS Metadata SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:philb@ICBL.HW.AC.UK" philb@ICBL.HW.AC.UK. Phil announced next Metadata SIG meeting in London on September 4th. Meeting included reports/discussion on IMS VDEX, UK LOM Core, IEEE LOM/IMS LRM, quality assurance for metadata and other issues. Report from meeting now online at:  HYPERLINK "http://metadata.cetis.ac.uk/sig_meetings/london-sep-2003_html" http://metadata.cetis.ac.uk/sig_meetings/london-sep-2003_html. Assessment SIG / QTI Niall Sclater, CETIS Assessment SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:niall.sclater@strath.ac.uk" niall.sclater@strath.ac.uk. For more detail see Assessment SIG website for minutes of meeting held the following day:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010801132906/FR20031009135625" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010801132906/FR20031009135625. Charter now under development for QTI v2.0. This came out of the IMS InterActive Content SIG work; see Sarah Curriers presentation below on IMS. New Cutiepie development a common interpretation of the QTI spec in response to urgent need for demonstrations of interoperability working. Maths extensions - extending QTI into maths (and vice versa). CETIS Code Bash 2 Wilbert Kraan, CETIS Web Journalist:  HYPERLINK "mailto:w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK" w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK. PowerPoint slides ( HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141156" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141156) & PDF version ( HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141232" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141232) available. The second CETIS Code Bash (CB2), a plug-fest style event, was held at Learning & Teaching Scotland in Glasgow on 26/27 June 2003. Followed on from previous Code Bash (CB1), which was a closed event and tested IMS Content Packaging & IMS/IEEE metadata. Results fed directly back into IMS spec development. For report and PowerPoint slides on CB1, see the 6th EC SIG meeting minutes at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030304181551" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030304181551 or the CETIS website report at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content/20021120030704" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content/20021120030704. Web article on CB2, which included IMS QTI as well as Content Packaging, Metadata and SCORM, at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content/20030702184848" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content/20030702184848. Aims of CB2: To establish good practice (IMS specs contain guidance but detail of implementation is still very much down to developers); bugs & requirements fed back to IMS; improve tools; learn. Methodology: closed, participant directed, therefore there is freedom to fail away from public eye, participants set the agenda. Takes place in both a physical & virtual environment. CB2 website has 107 packages uploaded, different versions, daisy chaining of packages through different systems, (grand)child packages. Packages each have own page with descriptions- especially important were comments and tracking of uploads by others. Twenty-six participating orgs, 40+ individuals, 15 tool vendors, international participants, remote participation. Results CB1 had 68.7% successful import rate (import + disaggregation, not necessarily runtime), one reference package was imported by all, and issues found were input to IMS Content Packaging v.1.1.3. Reasons for participating differ widely, e.g. brand new tools need bug-fixing, so they attend to test; import rate is not that important to all participants. CB2 had 84.34% success, 84.91% for 'Code Bash veterans' it wasnt expected to be so equal. The latter got bored after day one- everything worked so they made a very challenging package to really exercise their tools. Aim is now to feed issues into next version of IMS Content Packaging. Glitches in v.1.1.3 were picked up even before CB2. Implementation issues: IMS changed their URL, so there were namespace problems. Not all files declared in manifest- web page files, etc. Not much difference between CB1&2 in terms of numbers of problems found; at CB2 they were still present but less of a problem because after CB1 people developed workarounds to deal with them. Undeclared files put in manifest- packaging hasn't improved much but tools' robustness has. DOS -> UNIX invalid characters - lots in CB1, few CB2. Generally one bug per tool, fairly insignificant. Minor implementation problems: some packages incorporated a QTI version unsupported in others. (See also Assessment SIG minutes). Discussion: Q.: Auto-correcting of errors by tools is it a good or bad idea? Comment: Different tools deal with this differently- XML orthodoxy to reject most content packages was not generally thought acceptable. Compromise is 'defensive coding' - import, flag errors, some try to clean up packages while some export 'cleaner' versions, others export as originally imported. If the tool doesn't flag we wouldn't know about errors. Q.: Why would you want to re-export except to change? A.: There were a range of tools, some of which may want to export without changes content authoring, players (VLEs), repositories- issue of exporting unchanged mainly from repositories. Future plans: Public event for mature tools. Permanent Code Bash site- dynamic reporting. Reference packages for other people to use for testing. Copyright/IPR issues and consent of participants are issues. Comment: Re material for reference packages- material copyrighted is not that important, it's the structure that's important. Vendors are making copyright-free packages. Need appropriate infrastructure to keep private & public sites separate. Q.: With the 84% success rate were these workable packages? A.: Mainly focused on import & disaggregation- not really looking at runtime- usually not much of an issue, occasionally links go wrong, must more common problem is JavaScript in package, non-standard content like Flash. Comment: Could have something like templates- pedagogically sound navigation models as templates- 'blank content templates'- once site is public we can do that. Gerry Graham has an idea for an event looking at pedagogy and usability of content: a Content Shoot-out (see below under final discussion). Reports on Latest in Specifications and Standards IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee: content-related activities update Wilbert Kraan, CETIS Web Journalist:  HYPERLINK "mailto:w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK" w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK. PowerPoint slides ( HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923142839" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923142839) and PDF version ( HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923142907" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923142907) available. IEEE LTSC ( HYPERLINK "http://ltsc.ieee.org/" http://ltsc.ieee.org/) has been involved in learning technology since 1998. They have produced the metadata standard known as the LOM (Learning Object Metadata). They are now moving into a number of content-related standardisation activities: aggregation & packaging study group looking at standardising an existing specification (not just looking at IMS Content Packaging, also investigating METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard:  HYPERLINK "http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets/" http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets/ and MPEG21:  HYPERLINK "http://www.chiariglione.org/mpeg/index.htm" http://www.chiariglione.org/mpeg/index.htm); CMI/SCORM concept white paper- this is from an umbrella group for anything to do with SCORM & CMI and encompasses several standards bodies. Standardising SCORM / AICC CMI datamodel & interface- once it's a standard it will be different from existing SCORM as a standard it will be enduring; CMI API - JavaScript adapter to facilitate VLE-SCO communication- possibly out early 2004. Have just started a study group on modelling & simulation technologies- standard way of directing simulations via SCORM- most relevant to US defence applications- they already have some standardised ways of dealing with this. SCORM single learner model also applies to these standardisation efforts. Stable version of SCORM entities is used, so its pedagogically the same. Valkenburg Group update Wilbert Kraan, CETIS Web Journalist:  HYPERLINK "mailto:w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK" w.g.kraan@BANGOR.AC.UK. Brief verbal report; not much has happened since last EC SIG meeting; see previous minutes. The Valkenburg Group is a coalition of those interested in implementing IMS Learning Design. Main task they have set themselves at present is to come up with an edited book which will explain 'all' about IMS LD: implementing & pedagogical uses; how an instructor can capture ideas in LD; what types of activities may be supported & how; commonalities between approaches; complete picture of IMS LD & what it's trying to achieve work will begin on this at a meeting in Germany in January 2004. For more info on the Valkenburg Group see:  HYPERLINK "http://www.valkenburggroup.org/valkenburggroup-org.htm" http://www.valkenburggroup.org/valkenburggroup-org.htm. Latest on IMS InterActive Content SIG & Content Packaging Sarah Currier, EC SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk. PowerPoint slides:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141527" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923141527. NB- these slides cover the state of play at the time; new developments are still very much in flux and subject to change. Contact Sarah Currier for further details. Specification development procedure: IMS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) create charters; charters are passed to IMS Technical Board for approval; IMS Project Groups formed to undertake work outlined in charters and create specifications; SIGs come under IMS Requirements Committee (deal with What?) and Project Groups come under IMS Development Committee (deal with How?); SIGs can also create best practice guides, research documents, or examine a problem and decide no action is required; any IMS contributing member can form a SIG. There are 10 released specifications (listed in slides). Second generation developments include: Accessibility; Vocabulary Definition Exchange; Meta-data; Enterprise Services; General Web Services; InterActive Content (including Simulations & Mobile Learning); Digital Libraries. This presentation covered updates on IMS Content Packaging (CP); IMS InterActive Content SIG. CP v1.1.3 is now on IMS website, but there are errors in it; issues relating to 'isVisible' attribute and related compatibility issues with IMS SS & LD still not resolved; rejection by Technical Board of Alternative Resources capability (e.g. for accessibility) because it is not maintenance; all of these issues now being dealt with. EC SIG will keep you updated. InterActive Content SIG: looking at new content-related developments; split off to form Simulation SIG (see below for Steve Jeyes presentation) and Mobile Learning SIG (not being monitored by CETIS at present); looking at improving API and runtime capability and spec harmonization of IMS CP, SS, LD and QTI. There were some 30 use cases from the UK submitted to IMS to direct these new developments, with a good number from CETIS, including the EC SIG; all CETIS use cases are available on the EC SIG website; IMS also now has a public use case forum at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.imsglobal.org/usecases/index.cfm" http://www.imsglobal.org/usecases/index.cfm. Deadline for original call for use cases have passed, but IMS is still open to receiving any the community may have. Feel free to submit these via a CETIS SIG or direct to IMS (but please do let us know so we can see them!). InterActive Content SIG Group A charter for spec harmonisation; this has now passed, in the form of a charter for IMS QTI v.2.0. Also includes an overall update of IMS QTI. Work is now under way. InterActive Content SIG Group B, looking at API/datamodel issues, decided it is too early for spec development in this area, so still gathering data in order to understand present solutions, acceptability, and community requirements. EC SIG will contact SIG community for input. Next IMS meeting Nov 10-14. IMS Shareable State Persistence (Simulations Group) Steve Jeyes, CETIS FE Focus Group Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:jeyesint@ntlworld.com" jeyesint@ntlworld.com. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923143226" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923143226. Steve described a simple use case to illustrate what shared state persistence means, involving a simulation teaching how to use a basic radio from a Cisco reusable module. For the simulation state to persist, the system needs to know if the user turned the radio on, what station, volume, etc. it was left at, etc., and be able to recall this information when needed and restore the previous state not starting from scratch. At present it is a single-user SCORM issue, but still worth solving- SCORM development is good for pushing new developments like this. Shared State Persistence scope includes: sharing within a session; between sessions (stored within VLE); between users. Definitely out of scope (initially at least): to lock in users; sharing between systems; copies or clones. Uses concept known as a bucket; space for data in simulation state to be stored or shared. VLE only knows what content is wanted and for how long - VLE can say no if too much data involved. Discussion: Q.: Is integration with IMS LD/QTI in scope? A.: Navigation/marking decisions are out of scope because want something to prove basic piece works- otherwise integration irrelevant- but its also irrelevant if can't integrate in the end so issues are being tracked and recorded. Only now looking at integrating QTI outcomes into CP all this ideally should be written as a whole not as discrete units, but this is an IMS managerial issue IMS Abstract Framework now under development may address it. Q.: Are they looking at logging interactions? A.: Also out of scope for now. Whole learning space could be involved, e.g. performance of students; competence; tutor may need to rerun simulation; storage issue- not just current state but also all previous states persisting. If this works in current context, it can act as a hook for further development. Create pathways for further developments, push on work. Comment: There are two issues here: reporting and saving state. Reporting should be responsibility of package. Q.: Very difficult for content to save state if user logging in from more than one computer- need access to a data bucket. More than one bucket - reusable - user defines which states go into which buckets. A.: This is also out of scope. Q.: What about metadata? A.: Will be defined: state-specific metadata; parsed through VLE; don't know where it sits. Using metadata in general sense not as in LOM. Comment: DigitalBrain can customise API, can write files to buckets, can save many states, flush when not needed- bucket shrinks & expands. VLE note-taking feature- guided writing facility within content, can go back to marking scheme- if same mechanism, very good. Response: looking at high-level interoperability - not describing what's within the buckets, interoperate process instead. Other IMS developments update Scott Wilson, Assistant Director CETIS:  HYPERLINK "mailto:s.wilson@BANGOR.AC.UK" s.wilson@BANGOR.AC.UK. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031009154047" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031009154047. IMS Resource List Interoperability: interfaces for reading, creating, updating, deleting reading lists; two data model bindings being looked at: IMS CP manifest only + LOM and METS + MARC. Same abstract data model; interface to be WSDL and SOAP. IMS Enterprise Web Services: CETIS Enterprise SIG will have full Java reference implementation when charter released, Microsoft doing equivalent. General Web Services: internal to IMS only. Includes security from WS security, XML encryption. ePortfolios: Gathering requirements at this stage: CETIS LIPSIG is major contributor; BSI UK Lifelong Learner Profiles contributing. Lorna Campbell added: Two other active work areas that CETIS is involved in: IMS Digital Libraries SIG producing white paper on VLEs, digital repositories & digital libraries. Also IMS Metadata SIG - rewriting metadata best practice guide, report @ CETIS Metadata SIG meeting on 4/9/03. Presentations / Demos Implementing IMS Simple Sequencing Warwick Bailey, University of Cambridge:  HYPERLINK "mailto:warwick@caret.cam.ac.uk" warwick@caret.cam.ac.uk. Info on software demod at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.icodeon.com" http://www.icodeon.com. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923143626" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923143626. New CETIS Briefing Paper on IMS Simple Sequencing was launched at this point; it is available for downloading at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/lib/media/ssbrief.pdf" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/lib/media/ssbrief.pdf. Warwick presented a walkthrough of IMS Simple Sequencing (SS), by showing an actual implementation. SS is simple because it is a simple set of behaviours, but it is a very complex specification. Its about constraining when a learner can get to what under which conditions. The goal is to make this sequence of constraints reusable and interoperable. Like SCORM, it only recognises the role of the learner. Warwick commented that a key thing SS does is in constraining people to not see web pages in a sequence of content. IMS QTI objects can be incorporated. SS + Assessment = controlled or adaptive assessment. You can use assessment outcomes to inform what course elements are displayed or emphasised. Its an opportunity to apply very strict control on what a student can & can't do within assessment. Forcing students to not see resources - seems inappropriate from certain viewpoint, but is highly appropriate for assessment, especially adaptive assessment. New version of SCORM- v1.3 = takes IMS CP + Metadata + CMI Run Time + CMI Data Model + IMS Simple Sequencing, shows how all these can work together. Some American instructional designers are working on using sequencing to produce pedagogically strong material ADL is having first ever DesignFest, see: http://itinstitute.usu.edu/designfest.cmu. Instructional designers having to learn new skills in 'the science of sequencing'. Issues identified: Role of instructional designers- the separation with designers, LO authors, etc. Also the need for instructional designers to have to acquire sequencing skills. Demand on web user interface; just an activity tree is not enough, you can click but it won't work. So maybe something more sophisticated than html is needed. Opportunity is for adaptive assessment, that's the main HE application that Warwick can see. Discussion: Q.: The constraint to one activity at a time- is that by design? A.: Yes, intrinsic to SCORM so far - single user, one activity. However, it ought to be able to have more in theory. Q.: Re QTI in SS, have they implemented reporting? A.: No, in this example I just used HTML to grab some questions, next version of SS will have more assessment focus. Q.: I have looked at the Educational Modelling Language (EML) examples, did they use SS? A.: EML is very old, LD and SS was developed at the same time, but separately. OUNL is experimenting with using SS within LD, which gives multi user support. Can use an SS sequence within an IMS Learning Design. Both may be put into Content Packages. More likely to embed SS within LD than vice versa. LD play/act mechanism, different concepts of rollup are both problems. Q.: Could you see more sophisticated interactivities- e.g. skipping exams when allowed? A.: Would be appropriate, but not yet possible. Comment: What is needed is a way of putting in GUI messages to solve the interface problem: that you don't just present a navigation tree filled with error throwing links Comment: Maybe you don't need to limit yourself to assessment as a valid use in HE, there's a valid application for just sequencing things appropriately. Its all a matter of design. Q.: Where do criteria for sequencing come from, the AICC CMI data model? A.: It's all done on what's stored on the server Q.: Could you use some client side stuff? A.: Yes you can. IMS SS is designed to accommodate more than that. SCORM just shows a good way to do it. Comment: So there's quite a tight link between content and VLE- that may be a problem. RELOAD Project Update Colin Milligan, University of Strathclyde:  HYPERLINK "mailto:colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk" colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk. Project website at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.reload.ac.uk/" http://www.reload.ac.uk/. Current version of tool downloadable from:  HYPERLINK "http://www.reload.ac.uk/editor.html" http://www.reload.ac.uk/editor.html. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923144101" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923144101. PowerPoint slides from previous meeting available at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030709014905" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030709014905. RELOAD is a JISC funded project, one of 3 X4L Strand B projects. Its goal is to develop a standards-based editor for IMS Content Packaging and IEEE LOM Metadata, including eventually SCORM, IMS Simple Sequencing and IMS Learning Design. The major emphasis is on being a reference implementation of CP and LD. It is an 18-month project and, for CP, was to look at integrating two previous content packaging tools, the PacMan editor and PackageIt. However they started afresh using some of the best ideas from both due to conceptual incompatibilities. At its core is an XML engine driven by a schema. This allows new versions of standards to be incorporated easily. It also uses configuration files to customise the tool. This includes providing labels for field names, turning various fields on or off and defining locations and properties. The tool supports a raw tree view as well as a form view and everything can be done with drag and drop, including package to package in multiple file edits. One future feature could be a button to upload a package directly to IntraLibrary or Extensis (both these repository products are being tested by JISC X4L Strand B project JORUM+). The second phase of the project will implement IMS Learning Design. The strategy was to use Colloquia and they have looked at some of the issues. Colloquia is a peer-to-peer system and has to be cludged in order to provide the client-server functionality required. Providing a wrapper around Colloquia will do this. The coordination service will use Java spaces. Colin gave a brief demo of the most recent version of the tool, which automatically uploads local versions of the schemas. Limitations include things like images for .jar needing to be done manually; RELOAD can't do .jar parsing. They also found with preparing for the interoperability demo later in the meeting, that DreamWeaver sticks in an old, invalid namespace that makes RELOAD throw up an error, even if it does import it. Support for IMS Simple Sequencing is not there yet; it is possible to edit it, but not play it. Interoperable Content from Authoring to VLE, via Content Packaging and Repository: A Mini-Code Bash Demonstration Martin Morrey, Intrallect ( HYPERLINK "mailto:M.Morrey@intrallect.com" M.Morrey@intrallect.com); Gerry Graham, LTScotland ( HYPERLINK "mailto:G.Graham@LTScotland.org.uk" G.Graham@LTScotland.org.uk); Colin Milligan, RELOAD ( HYPERLINK "mailto:colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk" colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk). Web page giving a walk-through of this demo is available at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content2/20031008145115" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content2/20031008145115, entitled: A Recipe for Interoperability in Practice. The demo began with Martin giving a brief introduction to the learning object repository product IntraLibrary. In the demo IntraLibrary was logged into via the JORUM+ project; only JISC X4L projects have access to this particular repository. Martin also explained how the demo was originally going to include a content authoring portion, using DreamWeaver, but this proved too difficult. There was a namespacing problem. The demo also used LTScotlands Flash QTI tool and Respondus for assessment questions. Gerry outlined the LTScotland tool: it is meant for simple multichoice questions only for primary school teachers, and it simply outputs them as IMS QTI, but doesnt display them. Final discussion: Gerry Grahams idea of a Content Shoot-out Gerry: What we really need to do is not just demonstrate interoperability with plain packages, but figure out what is needed, what makes a desirable, good package. Not just rehash CBT type stuff- demonstrate good things, innovative pedagogy. Sue White: We're just finishing a load of content, could contribute. Steve Jeyes: How are you going to measure that?: isn't there a danger of measuring 'neatness', as opposed to effectiveness? Sarah Currier: Tom Boyle has measured retention and pass rates improving after design of LOs:  HYPERLINK "http://www.unl.ac.uk/ltri/learningobjects/index.htm" http://www.unl.ac.uk/ltri/learningobjects/index.htm. John Casey: Boyle is interesting, but we also need to be able to capture the context- a lot of our content is personalised, we want to capture that. Lorna Campbell: That is talked about internationally; people really want usage metadata, who uses it, why, how often etc. High on agenda, but no standard anytime soon. Workarounds include comments field. Mark Robinson: Connects with CELEBRATE- thousands of French students will be evaluating LOs next week:  HYPERLINK "http://www.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/index_celebrate.cfm" http://www.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/en/index_celebrate.cfm. They are interested in a standard. References associated with learning objects on how to use them. Linking pedagogical models to implementations. John Casey: You don't really need a standard- you can store it in whatever way Lorna Campbell: But then you won't be able to exchange Mark Robinson: What we see now for content is the same as ten years ago, just a sequence. Modern VLEs have tons more tools, where a lot more functionality resides; we need to integrate that into content. Do you think that LD will do that? Steve Jeyes: Maybe the next thing should be a usability code bash- focused on usability, and flexible in terms of what can be re-used and what is contextual, e.g. in the CETIS intro to LOs, it is said that you shouldn't have local references. Date and Venue of Next Meeting Manchester Computing, University of Manchester, 12 December 2003: register now, details at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/20030918133808/" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/20030918133808/. Minutes by: Sarah Currier, CETIS EC SIG Coordinator -  HYPERLINK "mailto:lmc@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk From notes kindly provided by: Rowin Cross, CETIS Assessment SIG Coordinator and Wilbert Kraan, CETIS Web Journalist 30 October 2003 Hz|df     8 9 N O [ ̵̼xoOJQJ^JaJj#U0Jj"U>*5OJQJ\^JB*OJQJ^Jph 56\]5\H*OJQJ^J OJQJ^J5B*H*OJQJ\^Jph5B*OJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph jU+X78a$$Ifl Q!  33064 la$IfX$$Ifl Q!064 la $$Ifa$hIodef $$Ifa$$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$  K  < $ & FG$Ifa$ $ & FG$Ifa$ $h$If^ha$ $$Ifa$J$$EƀfFIfa$ !"#$%&'(6cdwVX횕0JjF&U jU>* 5>*\<OJQJ^JaJ<OJQJ^J<CJOJQJ^JaJ <CJaJ<CJOJQJ^JaJEHOJQJ^JaJ 0JOJQJ^Jj%OJQJU^J OJQJ^JjOJQJU^J3 Pi"#$%&' $h$If^ha$ $$Ifa$ $ & F@$Ifa$ $ & FJ$Ifa$ $ & FK$Ifa$ $h$If^ha$ $ & FG$Ifa$ $$Ifa$'(X=C  & FN$If $ & FS$Ifa$$IfG$EƀfFIf<=8:BCWYKLM #$   2p««jB*OJQJU^JphB*OJQJ^Jph>*B*OJQJ^Jph0JOJQJ^Jj])OJQJU^JjOJQJU^J>*OJQJ^Jj'UH*0Jj'U jU>*H*OJQJ^J OJQJ^J1 2p9; P!!E""}#%q&'c( $ & FR$Ifa$ $h$If^ha$ $ & F0$Ifa$ h$If^h  & F0$If  & FN$If $ & FN$Ifa$$If $$Ifa$OPQ+,; !!!N!O!v!w!!!!!!!K"L""""ɶɣwiwj0OJQJU^JjOJQJU^J OJQJ^Jjr/U0Jj.U jUH*$j,B*OJQJU^Jph$j++B*OJQJU^JphB*OJQJ^Jph0JOJQJ^JjB*OJQJU^Jph$jL*B*OJQJU^Jph)"""1111152]2^22222222333B3C3V3W3333333334 4!464Ǽ|j\j5OJQJU^J#j4OJQJU^JmH sH #j2OJQJU^JmH sH 0JOJQJ^JmH sH #j1OJQJU^JmH sH jOJQJU^JmH sH OJQJ^JmH sH >*OJQJ^JmH sH >*OJQJmH sH  >*OJQJh OJQJ^JjOJQJU^J0JOJQJ^J$c(u***++H+,,,--q.d/e//0011111233A6$If $$Ifa$ $ & FR$Ifa$6474556663646A6B6z6{6|6669999:::(:)::<<<<< =!="=#=%=^==ylaB*OJQJ^Jph>*B*OJQJ^JphjS9OJQJU^J0JOJQJ^JmH sH #jt8OJQJU^JmH sH jOJQJU^JmH sH OJQJ^JmH sH >*OJQJ^JjS7OJQJU^J0JOJQJ^JjR6OJQJU^J OJQJ^JjOJQJU^J%A66777,8-89999::#=$=%==?9ATBB!D'$ & F2 & 0` P@$1$7$8$H$Ifa$#$ & 0` P@$1$7$8$H$Ifa$ $$Ifa$=========4>5>6>s>t>SBTBBCCNFOFFFFFFsItIIIIIII"J#J$J9J:J寧ɜvc$j%>B*OJQJU^Jph>*B*OJQJ^JphOJQJ^JmH sH j=OJQJU^JjOJQJU^JOJQJ]^J OJQJ^J$j;B*OJQJU^Jph0JOJQJ^J$j:B*OJQJU^JphB*OJQJ^JphjB*OJQJU^Jph&!DG]HtIIII*OJQJ^J5OJQJ\^JmH sH mH sH OJQJ\^JOJQJ^JmH sH $jHAB*OJQJU^Jph$jm@B*OJQJU^Jph>*B*OJQJ^Jph OJQJ^J0JOJQJ^J$j?B*OJQJU^JphjB*OJQJU^JphB*OJQJ^Jph"PPP]RRRSSSScTdToUUUUzVWWXXXX Y Y#$ & 0` P@$1$7$8$H$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ YYYYZZZZZA] a abbbbqcdmdndzd{d  & FT$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$[[H[I[`[a[[[[[[[[[[!\"\#\`\a\\\]]]>]?]^T^U^^__``*OJQJ^JmH sH >*B*OJQJ^Jph6OJQJ^JOJQJ^JmH sH jEOJQJU^JjkDOJQJU^JjCOJQJU^J0JOJQJ^JjBOJQJU^J OJQJ^JjOJQJU^J2{dd1edeee3fggh2h3hhhiiij;jjj & p@ P !$1$7$8$H$If( & p@ P !`$1$7$8$H$If^``jjjkmmImmmoosrtrssuuuuuxx*z+z $$Ifa$#$ & 0` P@$1$7$8$H$Ifa$ $$Ifa$kk@kAkqkrkskkkkkkkkkkllFlGlHlkllllllllmmmHmImJmmmmmmmqrrrsruuubvvvv>*OJQJ^Jj?KOJQJU^JOJQJ^JmH sH jIOJQJU^JjHOJQJU^JjGOJQJU^J0JOJQJ^JjGOJQJU^JjOJQJU^J OJQJ^J6OJQJ]^J2vvvvvvvwww0w1wLwMw}w~wwwwwwxxxJxKx9{x{y{}}}}}~~ֺ֬xk0JOJQJ^JmH sH #jPOJQJU^JmH sH jOJQJU^JmH sH OJQJ^JmH sH >*OJQJ^JjqOOJQJU^Jj~NOJQJU^JjMOJQJU^J OJQJ^J0JOJQJ^JjOJQJU^JjLOJQJU^J&+z6{7{8{9{x{y{k|l|||.}/}~~~~jk45l & p@ P !$1$7$8$H$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$OPuORqr΃σWXmnڄۄބSefƿƿynaS5B*OJQJ\^JphB*CJOJQJ^Jph0JCJOJQJ^JjTCJOJQJU^JjCJOJQJU^JCJOJQJ^J0Jj8SU jU5OJQJ\^J hmH sH  OJQJ^JOJQJ^JmH sH 0JOJQJ^JmH sH jOJQJU^JmH sH #jQOJQJU^JmH sH lm\]PQRqrZ[\]^_`amn܄݄ST$If$If $$Ifa$ & p@ P !$1$7$8$H$IfTUVfgh$a$X$$Ifl Q!064 la $$Ifa$fgh5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph$&P 1. 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