ࡱ> 5@ 0rNbjbj22 &XXrF^\2 !T'"C"$rR\g(!!g(g( 2:)))g(  )g())*  C  ^`X)<l<f ) tC$TxJ CxS"#&)%&fS"S"S"$) CETIS EC SIG Minutes Minutes of the 9th meeting of the CETIS EC SIG Manchester Computing, University of Manchester Friday 12th December 2003 Participants David Balch, Phil Beauvoir, Nick Bunyan, Gayle Calverley, Lorna M. Campbell, Jackie Carter, Mike Clarke, Lisa Corley, Sarah Currier (Chair), Peter Douglas, Stan Frost, Fred Garnett, Susan Gregory, Andy Hall, Paul Hollands, Ann Jeffery, Steve Jeyes, Robin Johnson, Lewis Jones, Rebecca Kelly, Sarah Knight, Tina Manoharan, Stephen McKinnell, Andrew Middleton, Colin Milligan, Howard Noble, Nigel Peet, Chris Pegler, Poppy Pickard, Paul Richardson, Paul Robinson, David Russell, Julie Ryan, Gordon Skelly, Adrian Stevenson, Mark Stubbs, Jill Taylor, Maria Toro-Troconis, Lipeng Wen, Lara Whitelaw, Scott Wilson, Dominic Winsor. Apologies Murray Allan, Phil Barker, John Casey, Clive Church, Eddie Clarke, Sara Dunn, Paul Hollins, Jacquie Kelly, Maria A. Rodriguez-Yborra, Ben Ryan, Bernard Scott, Paul Smith, Amber Thomas, Jason Turton, Steve Walmsley, Vashti Zarach. Welcome, introductions and housekeeping CETIS Reports & Announcements Educational Content SIG Sarah Currier, EC SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk. PowerPoint slides:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163643" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163643. EC SIG Activities Since September 2003: Completed production of CETIS Briefing Papers on IMS Learning Design and ADL SCORM. Available online at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/static/briefings.html" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/static/briefings.html Hosted 1st CETIS Learning Design Workshop, in conjunction with CETIS Pedagogy Forum, 28-29 October 2004, Glasgow. Slides and report available:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/pedagogy/articles/LearningDesignWorkshop" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/pedagogy/articles/LearningDesignWorkshop. See also slide 4 of Sarahs presentation. Supported JISC & other programmes & projects. ALT-C 2003- paper on metadata quality (see:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content2/20040402013222" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/content2/20040402013222 for update and references); session on CETIS. Attended a range of other events & meetings (see slides). Attended Dublin Core Conference and Workshop 2003: paper on metadata quality (see: ?? ); DC Educational Metadata sub-group. Attended joint meeting of IEEE LTSC & Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Attended Intrallect seminar on the learning object economy. See presentations and report at: ?? Attended focus group of JISC study on long-term sustainability of learning objects. See: ?? Attended Glasgow meeting on learning object repositories. ?? EC SIG Plans Since this meeting, the EC SIG Coordinator has left to take up another post- at the time of writing a replacement is still being recruited. The following plans are therefore subject to change, according to how the incoming Coordinator chooses to take the SIG forward. In the meantime, ideas and requests may be sent to the EC SIG email list. Revamped EC SIG website. Commission case studies: any volunteers? Continue resource development as needed by the EC SIG community- any requests/ideas? Continued close involvement with IMS InterActive Content SIG and other content-related specs. Follow-up on outcomes of Learning Design Workshop- collecting use cases? FE Focus Group Steve Jeyes, FE Focus Group Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:jeyesint@ntlworld.com" jeyesint@ntlworld.com. Verbal report, no slides available. See also FE Focus Group web page:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010926111402/viewGroup" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010926111402/viewGroup Metadata SIG Briefly covered by Sarah- last meeting was on the 8th December in Hull. There was material of interest to the EC SIG, including: JORUM+ User Evaluation Report; Long-term sustainability of LOs project; Interoperability issues found by Hull Universitys Digital university initiative. Please see report/slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://metadata.cetis.ac.uk/sig_meetings/hull-dec-2003_html" http://metadata.cetis.ac.uk/sig_meetings/hull-dec-2003_html Pedagogy Forum and CETIS Learning Design Workshop Lisa Corley, Pedagogy Forum Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:L.Corley@bolton.ac.uk" L.Corley@bolton.ac.uk. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163934" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163934. Link to individual event reports at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/pedagogy/articles/Events" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/pedagogy/articles/Events The Pedagogy Forum has hosted a number of important events in the past year. Lisa reported on these. Question Re: involvement of DfES - how do you (CETIS) relate to the DfES? Response - Diana Laurillard is keen to expand the Pedagogy Forum not just to standards and e-learning, but beyond to schools too. Your input is need for e-learning strategy as will only be in next policy if you contribute. Opinions are important and Diana Laurillard wants active involvement from Pedagogy Forum, as a think tank. Presentation / Demo No. 1 RELOAD Project Update Colin Milligan, University of Strathclyde:  HYPERLINK "mailto:colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk" colin.milligan@strath.ac.uk and Phil Beauvoir, Bolton Institute of Higher Education:  HYPERLINK "mailto:p.beauvoir@BOLTON.AC.UK" p.beauvoir@BOLTON.AC.UK . Project website at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.reload.ac.uk/" http://www.reload.ac.uk/. Current version of tool downloadable from:  HYPERLINK "http://www.reload.ac.uk/editor.html" http://www.reload.ac.uk/editor.html. PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164431" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164431 PowerPoint slides on RELOAD from previous two meetings available at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030709014905" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030709014905  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923144101" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030923144101 RELOAD is a JISC funded project, one of 3 X4L Strand B projects. Its goal is to develop a standards-based editor for IMS Content Packaging and IEEE LOM Metadata, including eventually SCORM, IMS Simple Sequencing and IMS Learning Design. The major emphasis is on creating a reference implementation of CP and LD. It is an 18-month project and, for CP, was to look at integrating two previous content packaging tools, the PacMan editor and PackageIt. However they started afresh using some of the best ideas from both due to conceptual incompatibilities. At its core is an XML engine driven by a schema. This allows new versions of standards to be incorporated easily. It also uses configuration files to customise the tool. This includes providing labels for field names, turning various fields on or off and defining locations and properties. The tool supports a raw tree view as well as a form view and everything can be done with drag and drop, including package to package in multiple file edits. The second phase of the project will implement IMS Learning Design. The strategy was to use Colloquia and they have looked at some of the issues. Colloquia is a peer-to-peer system and has to be cludged in order to provide the client-server functionality required. Providing a wrapper around Colloquia will do this. The coordination service will use Java spaces. RELOAD currently includes a fully featured editor for IMS Content Packaging; SCORM functionality to allow easy assembly of SCORM content; an integrated metadata editor; a SCORM player; and the beginnings of an IMS Learning Design reference implementation. IMS Learning Design and RELOAD Plans for the IMS LD implementation include user interfaces to design and manipulate learning designs, and an IMS LD player. Probably will take about a year and seven months to write the software. It will probably have low key referencing, and a conventional interface to create an engine. Hopefully, the community will add and build upon the tool. The editor will give you enough of an idea to spark off visualisations. RELOAD invite everyone to get involved early. Discussion: Question - Are you going to develop an IMS Simple Sequencing editor and player? Answer - RELOAD offers an editor and player for SCORM 1.2 The next version of SCORM (1.3- now known as SCORM 2004) includes IMS SS. ADL has taken RELOAD and isdeveloping something for this version of SCORM themselves:  HYPERLINK "http://www.adlnet.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=rcdetails&libid=700&bc=false" http://www.adlnet.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=rcdetails&libid=700&bc=false. Question - Are a manual and instructions available for download? Answer - Yes, they are and Colin Milligan will answer emails. Question - Will there be a RELOAD reading list tool? One that can include references to hard copies. Answer - IMS are working on a reading list specification, and there is a public draft specification available: IMS Resource List Interoperability (RLI):  HYPERLINK "http://www.imsglobal.org/rli/index.cfm" http://www.imsglobal.org/rli/index.cfm. The RELOAD team are unsure that they could add much that you could do with a simpler tool. Comment - In technological terms, the front end of this tool would be scary to non-techie users. Out of a 1-10 in scariness, this tool is a 10. These users would like to have a shopping list and then just shop for the Learning Objects that they want. They could just zip them up then and use them. Comment - The opportunity to select metadata from existing sets is exciting. Some other ideas raised by participants included: selection of different wizards; learners creating their own materials; have skins on the front end to choose extra metadata elements. Answer: - You'd need wizards to achieve this. This would need other people to get involved to provide ideas and development time. RELOAD doesn't have enough time or people power, unfortunately. Presentation / Demo No. 2 Open University & Learning Objects: Teaching with Learning Objects, and Then Reusing Them Chris Pegler, Open University:  HYPERLINK "mailto:C.A.Pegler@open.ac.uk" C.A.Pegler@open.ac.uk PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164139" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164139 Papers giving more detail on the work reported on:  HYPERLINK "http://iet.open.ac.uk/pp/c.a.pegler/ukeu/edinburgh.doc" http://iet.open.ac.uk/pp/c.a.pegler/ukeu/edinburgh.doc and  HYPERLINK "http://iet.open.ac.uk/pp/c.a.pegler/ukeu/ALTC_2003.doc" http://iet.open.ac.uk/pp/c.a.pegler/ukeu/ALTC_2003.doc Chris Pegler, Martin Weller and Robin Mason presented a paper on their work developing an entire OU course as learning objects at ALT-C 2003. These LOs were then reused subsequently. This presentation repostred on this work and issues arising from it. Discussion: Question - How do narrative objects relate to learning objects? Answer- Narrative objects have added metadata to explain links between learning objects. Folk from e-Cornell (Cornell Universitys e-learning section) reassured the Open University that their Learning Frameworks have scenario objects that set the context for the learning, similar to OUs narrative objects. We acknowledge that our narrative objects break the SCORM model, but we had the opportunity to speak with SCORM expert Dan Rehak and he understood our rationale and was OK with it. Comment - UfI talk about similar objects. What is needed is a logical compromise, i.e. how do you get the learning content without breaking the specification? Question - Interesting to hear about learners wanting access to materials after course is finished. What do we do about archiving objects? Do we keep everything? What are the lifespans of the materials, and do we need to archive every edition of a course if only one object is changed? Should a course be archived in case of complaint? Answer - OU students are used to having access to materials after a course has finished, because these materials are usually in book form. There has never been a record of lectures available. OU is not worried about materials being out of date. Aware of how each object is used and which version. Question - Archiving is different, do we need to archive and how do we do that? Answer - For the synopsis of law materials updates, these are available via a subscription. Students print and download content. Comment A course could be archived against the university's quality strategy. A limited archive is kept of student work of each type of grade as a quality marker. The archiving could be reduced, but ascertaining what students would want to access. Question How can a course that is very collaborative be flexible? Answer - Individual tutorials are more valued than collaborative activities. Fewer collaborations, but activities that are more geared to the individual are popular. Students set up a conference to study a subject, and the tutor's role is downplayed. It is flexible as the students aren't doing all collaborative activities, they're not forced to and they have freedom of choice. Reports on Latest in Content-Related Specifications and Standards Latest IMS, IEEE and other odds and ends Sarah Currier, EC SIG Coordinator:  HYPERLINK "mailto:sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk. PowerPoint slides:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163834" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218163834. NB- these slides cover the state of play at the time; new developments are still very much in flux and subject to change. Contact the CETIS website and the EC SIG email list for further details. IMS Content Packaging: 3 major issues are- bug fix of v1.1.3; possible standardisation by IEEE; future version incorporating Alternative Resources and fix of isVisible problem. CETISs Wilbert Kraan is closely involved in these issues- contact Wilbert directly at:  HYPERLINK "mailto:w.g.kraan@bangor.ac.uk" w.g.kraan@bangor.ac.uk. Discussion: Question How can there be a harmonisation of Educational Content related work if there are two SIGs (i.e. both EC SIG and Assessment SIG are working on IMS Interactive Content work)? Answer This is not a problem as they already work very closely together. Not only that, but because of cross-over between IMS QTI and Metadata work, the Assessment & Metadata SIGs are working together as well. Comment - Harmonisation is a big issue as well as integration. IMS QTI and Learning Design need to work together, as does IMS Simple Sequencing and SCORM. Work items at IMS are those with the most weight behind them. Not necessarily the most worthy, but those items that have been prepared for the opportunity. If people volunteer to do the work, then that means that the work will happen. Question What is CETIS going to do about harmonisation? Should EC SIG go to Assessment SIG or vice versa? Things will need to be more joined up that now. Answer Good management is needed of the specifications. Codebashes offer the opportunity to harmonise content. Wilbert Kraan produces codebash websites, these are used internationally and help to get down to the nitty gritty. CETIS comment If you push to get something done in the spec/standard bodies, do it through CETIS, but you might find CETIS get you to assist with it! Presentations / Demo No. 3 The TALL Workflow: From Specification to Website: - David Balch, Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL), Oxford University:  HYPERLINK "mailto:david.balch@CONTINUING-EDUCATION.OXFORD.AC.UK" david.balch@CONTINUING-EDUCATION.OXFORD.AC.UK PowerPoint slides at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164331" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20031218164331 Project website at:  HYPERLINK "http://www.tall.ox.ac.uk/tallinternet/" http://www.tall.ox.ac.uk/tallinternet/ As well as the above slides, David gave a live demo of the process of creating IMS Content Packaged learning resources through their template. The process moves from Word template to formatting the document into XML, which will generate the materials for the VLE. Discussion: Comment - The OU have gone the opposite way to TALL- where TALL has started out with Word based tool converting to XML but are intending to hve a direct XML authoring tool, the OU started out with XML authoring; they now hold the reverse view after several years. They are using Word 2003 and they worked with Microsoft to produce a pure XML authoring tool. It was the only thing that authors would agree to use. Response - Course Genie used as a solution for academics rather than techies. Materials start as Word documents, particularly as there is a lot of legacy content that needs to be captured in a web friendly way for students. The TALL XML tools aren't ready yet. The technical staff have different requirements from the editors. Editors do not want tags, headings or prompts. Tools are needed to capture content to be used by the average academic. Examples are: Recombo.com save as SCORM Omniplex word converter OpenOffice provides a solution for both a normal user and a developer. OpenOffice is a normal download, and everything has to be installed. They are being contacted directly to enable direct editing of XML Date and Venue of Next Meeting TBC. A new EC SIG Coordinator is currently being recruited. Minutes by: Sarah Currier, previous CETIS EC SIG Coordinator -  HYPERLINK "mailto:lmc@strath.ac.uk" sarah.currier@strath.ac.uk From notes kindly provided by SIG member Ann Jeffery, University of Huddersfield, and Lorna Campbell, CETIS Assistant Director. February 2004.  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