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The following suggestions, in no particular order, were made and accepted. They will be monitored and updated by the group: Communicate Develop practical, web-based examples that FE practitioners can relate to Develop a clear and accessible message in the form of a JISC briefing document (JISC Assist may be able to help with this) Make sure that its relevance is clear eg e-learning is part of Ofsted’s agenda, procurement advice Disseminate it by getting CETIS on the appropriate lists for circulation Suggestions included: Community Group for Learning ACL WEA TUCs NACRO LEAs Jubilee Arts Widening Participation Shipley Online Family Learning Develop the website Collaborate Support X4L projects Assist with the work of the Joint Implementation Group (JIG) – joint LSC/DfES (Identify a single point of contact) Work closely with FERL via FERL Practitioner programme Support City & Guilds project to identify best practice for e-learning Encourage RSCs to run an event in each region for FE staff, possible content to include: Why not to spend money on tools just yet Questions to ask of suppliers of materials FE content to be used in plugfest Broaden area of influence Try and break into 730 / Cert Ed areas to get model into teacher training Make sure colleges with Intranet policy (as opposed to VLE policy) are also addressed Develop links with groups working on schools interoperability particularly work relating to transition between education establishments Note: There was a suggestion that the term ‘FE’ should be replaced with ‘post-16’ but this may not be acceptable to CETIS. Date of Next Meeting: to be arranged to link with meetings of Special Interest Groups.  FILENAME \p C:\Old Laptop data\CETIS\FE Focus Nov 02\minutes 15 Nov 02.doc Page  PAGE 1 of 2 NVW`aќ§ђ ѕ ЈЌ{|‰ŠШЩЪЯажзийопт§§§§§§ђьђцђуьђьђцђьуCJ CJhmH CJhnH jCJUhnH 5LMNVW_`uŠЃИнѕ*LjДЭѕ67A§њњњњјњієєєюєъъъъъъъъъъъєєі„а ЦрР!$LMNVW_`uŠЃИнѕ*LjДЭѕ67ABau Фиќ§ў!"HIJhiwx§њїёїюыцурнкздбЮЫШХТПМЖГА­ЊЇЄЁž›•’Œ‰ƒы}zђџџџ хќџџ §џџЕџџџЖџџџмџџџнџџџ P§џџ:џџџ;џџџ_џџџsџџџ—џџџТџџџжџџџѕџџџіџџџ ўџџ!ўџџ:ўџџbўџџŠўџџЃўџџЪўџџэўџџ џџџ-џџџIџџџbџџџzџџџŸџџџДџџџЭџџџтџџџїџџџ їџџџјџџџ-ABau Фиќ§ў!"HIJhiwxЏАчш  <=ћћћћћћћљљїљћљљїљїѓчѓчљчљчљ & F„Шћ Ц8v„8„аxЏАчш  <=uv[ \ h В . ’ ё     ! & 3 J Y j  Œ Ё  L ” ю  B e  Щ ЇЈ#${птљіэъсоевЬЩЧФСМЙЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖГГГБ      Шџџџ ќџџ-џџџ_џџџ  `џџџџџџ  ‚џџџЙџџџ  Кџџџ ёџџџ /=uv[ \ h В . ’ ё     ! & 3 J Y j §ћїѓчлЯУЗЋЋЋЋЋЋЋЋЋЋ & F„ Цh & F„  Цh  & F„  Цh   & F„8 Цh8 & F„8 Цh8 & F„а Цhа„а„j  Œ Ё  L ” ю  B e  Щ ЇЈ#${прстѓчѓѓѓѓчѓѓѓчлллзеееЭеее Ц рР!(#„а & F„8 Цh8 & F„а Цhа & F„8 Цh8 &P А…. 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