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Exploring the re-purposing of existing and forthcoming JISC funded content suitable for use in learning. Unlock the potential of the work taking place in a number of complementary areas, not only in the JISC, but also NLN, UFI, and the NGFL Will also encompass content created by other content providers (including commercial suppliers). Exploring the process of integration or  plugging-in of usable objects into online learning environments such as VLEs. Submitting  learning objects to JISC repositories.б:-▓зЩ■P∙'Щ■4Щ■кє6єlZЯиThe 2 strands of X4L (1)б Щ■ЯаЎ2 strands  A & B Strand A made up of 23 projects: To assemble "chunks" of content which can be identified as learning objects, to create new learning materials. Tag or catalogue resources in order to make more direct use of resources and to create new learning pathways. Document the processes used to re-purpose learning materials and to provide case studies and exemplars. To test the usability of these materials within the context of an institutional portal or within local VLEs. To submit these learning materials for sharing to the JISC learning materials repository, and to trial and evaluate their use within the community.бR4▓зЩ■ZH▓" Щ■Z4'Щ■H'Щ■ксЧєn[ЯиThe 2 strands of X4L (2)б Щ■ЯиЫStrand B made up of 3 projects: The development of tools based upon appropriate standards and specifications (e.g. IMS, SCORM) The creation of a development bay for learning objects, for example a place where materials can be deposited and archived on a temporary basis. JORUM+ Development Bay. RELOAD Content Packager, Metadata Editor, SCORM, Simple Sequencing & Learning Design. TOIA Online Assessment tool.б╬!▓зЩ■P{▓" Щ■P!'Щ■я%Щ■%ЩЩ■%Щ■%ЩЩ■%ЩЩ■O%Щ■%ЩЩ■%Щ■єq\ЯиFE projects in X4Lб Щ■ЯацX4L is first JISC programme to involve significant collaboration between FE & HE. 12 Strand A projects FE led  across the UK. All involve partnerships with community colleges/institutions and vendors. Broad range of experience and resources. б$Ї▓зЩ■Ї%Щ■єu^ЯиFE projects in X4Lб Щ■ЯиЭProjects include: X4L Literature Business English Healthier Nation Learning via Stars and Literature eLearning for Music & Music Technology Epidemiology бА▓зЩ■Й▓зЩ■│зЩ■▓зЩ■%Щ■Й%Щ■%Щ■кf /єs]Яи$Impact of X4L on the FE projects (1)б%% Щ■ЯиThe opportunity to really explore possibilities of applying web-based resources. Insight into what other institutions are doing in the field throughout both FE and HE (through cluster groups, mailing list, etc). Increase in awareness of related issues (accessibility, interoperability, VLEs, etc). Increase in skills (Software packages, applying digital resources to learning, etc). б&А▓зЩ■А'Щ■к^єx_Яи$Impact of X4L on the FE projects (2)б%% Щ■Яа>Strengthening of confidence in expertise in the development of eLearning materials. Involvement with CETIS special interest groups  new relationships, expanded knowledge base and skills. Better understanding of how JISC works leading to more informed strategies on future project bids. б& ▓зЩ■ 'Щ■к? ╪єy`Яи"Impact of X4L on FE in general (1)б## Щ■Яи]Whole of FE will be able to share in the new technologies and studies. Highlighted broad range of expertise and resources that exist in FE. Increase in future involvement between JISC and FE? Increase in awareness of issues raised through dissemination by FE projects. Strengthening of bonds both within FE and between HE through such dissemination.б&^▓зЩ■^'Щ■єzaЯи"Impact of X4L on FE in general (2)б## Щ■Яи┐A clearer view of learner needs through testing of objects among partner institutions. Input into JISC strategy concerning the national repository. Help in determining future strategies when it comes to the development of online learning (pedagogies, learning design, etc). Informed discussions on further work needed in the area to facilitate more searchable and retrievable learning materials for FE (metadata vocabularies, classifications, etc)б&└▓зЩ■└'Щ■є~bЯиWebsites of interestб Щ■Яи║Jorum+ www.jorum.ac.uk RELOAD www.reload.ac.uk TOIA www.toia.ac.uk CETIS X4L website www.cetis.ac.uk/x4l JISC X4L website http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=programme_x4l THANK YOU. бN╗│зЩ■Zн'Щ■ 'Щ■'Щ■кZ2ЄєU 0▀ЄєU 0▀.ЄєU 0▀4BЄєU 0▀UhЄє U 0▀zм/Ёєoєpєrєtєvєwє{є|є}є ъ°J я `Ё        Щ   ЦЦЦ`Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓`Ё    333▌▌▌АААMMMъъъ`Ё   ╠ff3АА3Щ3А3╠ ╠f`Ё    ААА ╠f ╠╠└└└`Ё    ААА└└└f  Щ`Ё    ААА3Щ Щ ╠╠╠▓▓▓г> ¤?" dd@  я      ,г| ¤?" dd╪@  я       А ╘ А" ╨@А Ё`А╗А гn ¤?" dd@  я         @@``ААPгR    @ ` А`г pг>Аг> jЁbЁЁ·Ё( Ё ЁЁр Ё У Ё6А№╞xЗБГ┐└  "ё┐ЁА░╨PЁ├ x ЁTЯи Click to edit Master title styleв!к !Ё$ Ё Г Ё0АД╔xБГ┐└  "ё┐Ёр░╨Ё├ x ЁЮЯиRClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth levelв!    к SЁ▐ Ё Г Ё0А─╧xБГ┐└  "ё┐Ё`░`АЁ├ x ЁXЯа*б°кЁр Ё Г Ё0Аd╒xБГ┐└  "ё┐Ё`░╨АЁ├  x ЁZЯа*б·кЁр Ё Г Ё0Аш┘xБГ┐└  "ё┐Ё` ╨АЁ├ x ЁZЯа*б╪кЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠f╠f╠ ║6Why do we need LT standardsЁ·ёА 0 zЁrPЁ╨Ё Ё( Ё Ё╨Ё╚ Ё╨ Г Ё0А▄2БГ┐└  ЁP Ё├   ЁPЯа*б ∙к Ё╩ Ё╨ Г Ё0А88БГ┐└  ЁП ▀ Ё├  ЁRЯа*б °к Ёd Ё╨ c Ё$З┐  ?Ё░╨ Ё├ Ё Ё╨ Г Ё0АX3БГ┐└  Ё░ ░0╨Ё├  ЁЮЯиRClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth levelв!    к SЁ╬ Ё╨ У Ё6А ЗБГ┐└  Ё_PЁ├   ЁPЯа*б ·к Ё╨ Ё╨ У Ё6Аl│чЗБГ┐└  Ё_П ▀Ё├  ЁRЯа*б ╪к ЁH Ё╨ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├Р@б4ю]я А ДЁ| Ё ЁЁ( Ё Ё ЁЮ Ё S ЁАd4є┐ Ё└░╨Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁr Ё S ЁАhє┐ ЁА░╨PЁ├  є Ё ЮЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "ЁЁHЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁHЁx ЁH c Ё$АФ,x┐ ИЁАЁ├  x Ё ЮЁд ЁH c Ё$А8-x┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ x Ё ЮЁX▓ ЁH C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ ЁH C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв ЁH Г Ё0Ааx┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH ЁH Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "Ё@Ё╠Ё▓Ё( Ё Ё╠Ёx Ё╠ c Ё$АD[є┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ё╠ c Ё$АLє┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё╠ C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё╠ C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё╠ Г Ё0АРєx┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё╠ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "ЁpЁ╪Ё▓Ё( Ё Ё╪Ёx Ё╪ c Ё$АиУч┐ ИЁАЁ├  ч Ё ЮЁд Ё╪ c Ё$АLФч┐ ИЁА░╨рЁ<$ё 0├ ч Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё╪ C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё╪ C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё╪ Г Ё0АDЭч┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё╪ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "ЁРЁрЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁрЁx Ёр c Ё$Аhюч┐ ИЁАЁ├  ч Ё ЮЁд Ёр c Ё$Аdяч┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ ч Ё ЮЁX▓ Ёр C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ёр C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ёр Г Ё0А\єч┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ёр Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "Ё╨ЁЁЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁЁЁx ЁЁ c Ё$А▄ч┐ ИЁАЁ├  ч Ё ЮЁд ЁЁ c Ё$А▌ч┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ ч Ё ЮЁX▓ ЁЁ C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ ЁЁ C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв ЁЁ Г Ё0АрОч┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH ЁЁ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "Ё░ЁшЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁшЁx Ёш c Ё$Аеє┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ёш c Ё$Ажє┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ёш C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ёш C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ёш Г Ё0Акє┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ёш Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "ЁЁ№Ё▓Ё( Ё Ё№Ёx Ё№ c Ё$АР▒є┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ё№ c Ё$АМ▓є┐ ИЁА░╨) Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё№ C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё№ C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё№ Г Ё0АД╢є┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё№ Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "Ё ЁЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁЁx Ё c Ё$АШ┼є┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ё c Ё$АФ╞є┐ ИЁА░╨╤Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё Г Ё0АМ╩є┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А "Ё@Ё Ё▓Ё( Ё Ё Ёx Ё  c Ё$А,┌є┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ё  c Ё$А(█є┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё  C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё  C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё  Г Ё0А ▀є┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё  Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ю√я А  "ЁpЁЁ▓Ё( Ё ЁЁx Ё c Ё$А,яє┐ ИЁАЁ├  є Ё ЮЁд Ё c Ё$Аьяє┐ ИЁА░╨┤Ё<$ё 0├ є Ё ЮЁX▓ Ё C Ё0ААA┴masthead_bgЁ└АЁ\▓ Ё C Ё4ААA┴masthead_logoЁЩЁКв Ё Г Ё0Афєє┐БГ┐└ Ё &P С Ё*ЯбЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУОЯЛФ▐╜h┐  ?Ё    ААА╠Щ33╠╠╠ ▓▓▓ИБКy║___PPT10ЛY+Dё='ё ╣    =ё @Bё +ЁёZ 0 ЦЁО`Ё╘Ё&Ё( Ё Ё╘ЁX Ё╘ C Ё┐ ╨Ё░╨ Ё├  ЁО Ё╘ S ЁАxH┐ ╨Ё░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё(ЯбЁH Ё╘ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ёё[ 0 ЖЁ~АЁ▄ЁЁ( Ё Ё▄Ё^ Ё▄ S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ё▄ c Ё$АHO┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё▄ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ёё\ 0 ЖЁ~аЁфЁЁ( Ё ЁфЁ^ Ёф S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ёф c Ё$А\┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ёф Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ё"ё] 0 вЁЪ└ЁьЁ2Ё( Ё ЁьЁ^ Ёь S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  ЁФ Ёь c Ё$Аh┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё(ЯбЁH Ёь Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ё"ё^ 0 вЁЪрЁЇЁ2Ё( Ё ЁЇЁ^ ЁЇ S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  ЁФ ЁЇ c Ё$А`o┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё(ЯбЁH ЁЇ Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ё·ёF 0 zЁrЁЁ°Ё Ё( Ё Ё°ЁX Ё° C Ё┐ ╨Ё░╨ Ё├  Ёr Ё° S ЁАд}┐ ╨Ё░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё° Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.х├╨╬ЫёЁё_ 0 ЖЁ~ЁЁЁ( Ё ЁЁ^ Ё S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ё c Ё$А░З┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ёё` 0 ЖЁ~0ЁЁЁ( Ё ЁЁ^ Ё S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ё c Ё$АP┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ёёa 0 ЖЁ~PЁЁЁ( Ё ЁЁ^ Ё S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ё c Ё$А┤Ф┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4Ёёb 0 ЖЁ~АЁЁЁ( Ё ЁЁ^ Ё S Ё┐ ╨ИЁ░╨ Ё├  Ёx Ё c Ё$АЬ┐ ╨ИЁ░ ░0╨Ё├   Ё ЯЁH Ё Г Ё0БГУ▐╜hФОЯЛ┐  ?Ё    ААА╗ру33ЩЩЩЩ╠И8К0║___PPT10Лы.├0╟в4rl0а/Ї>MYBl@\FЄ8_JwjХlbNгnhV▒peR█rukZn^qbwy#{tf1}ї? ?i■ рЕЯЄ∙OhлС+'│┘0ЁT pxи┤╚╘ шЇ   ,8@ф(What kind of impact does X4L have on FEX4L Mark Powerfark Mark Powerf214Microsoft PowerPointoes@Аш'╔O@Z╢-Ач┴@`Cир%├WGиS    Йg  ╠)б'  ╤┴ ўААААААААА└└└└▄└ж╩Ё 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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Е                                                                                                                                               Е ЕЕЕ ЕЕ  Е ЕЕЕЕЕ                                                                                                                                               Е Е   ЕЕ  Е Е ЕЕЕ                                                                                                                                               Е Е   Е   Е ЕЕ  Е                                                                                                                                                  ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ Е Е                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ЕЕЕЕЕЕ Е  ЕЕ ЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕ                                                                                                                                          ЕЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕ  Е Е ЕЕ ЕЕ                                                                                                                                         Е  Е Е ЕЕ  Е  Е ЕЕ Е  Е                                                                                                                                          Е                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ЕЕ Е                 Е                 Е                                            ЕЕЕ ЕЕ Е  ЕЕ ЕЕ  ЕЕЕ Е   ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕ Е  ЕЕ Е   Е ЕЕ ЕЕ Е  Е  ЕЕ ЕЕЕ ЕЕ  Е  ЕЕ   ЕЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕ Е                                           Е   ЕЕЕЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ   ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕ Е   Е ЕЕЕ ЕЕЕ  Е Е   Е ЕЕЕЕ  ЕЕ ЕЕ Е ЕЕЕ ЕЕЕ ЕЕ  ЕЕЕ  ЕЕЕЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕ  Е Е ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ                                           Е    Е ЕЕ ЕЕЕ Е  Е Е ЕЕ  Е   Е Е   Е  Е ЕЕ Е ЕЕ  Е Е   Е  Е  Е ЕЕ ЕЕ  Е Е Е  Е Е   ЕЕЕ  Е Е ЕЕ Е ЕЕ  Е ЕЕ Е ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕ                                             ЕЕ               Е      ЕЕЕ             Е         Е  ЕЕЕ      Е        Е          Е                        Е  ЕЕЕ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Е   Е                                                                                      Е Е ЕЕЕЕЕЕ  Е Е   Е    ЕЕ  Е Е ЕЕЕ Е         Е   Е  Е  ЕЕЕ   ЕЕЕ  ЕЕЕЕЕЕ ЕЕЕ  ЕЕ Е  Е                                                                           ЕЕ ЕЕЕ  ЕЕ  ЕЕ    Е   Е  ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕ   Е          Е Е  ЕЕЕ Е    Е   ЕЕ  ЕЕ Е Е Е Е  ЕЕ  Е                                                                           ЕЕ ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕ  ЕЕ    ЕЕЕ Е  ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕЕЕ Е   ЕЕЕЕ    Е   ЕЕ  Е     ЕЕЕ Е  ЕЕ Е Е Е Е  ЕЕ  Е                                                                           ЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ Е Е   Е Е  ЕЕ Е Е ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕ         Е Е   Е  Е    Е   ЕЕ  ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕЕ  ЕЕ ЕЕ Е                                                                           ЕЕ ЕЕ       Е     ЕЕЕ                        Е   Е     Е    ЕЕЕЕ                    Е                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ЕЕ   Е   ЕЕЕ    ЕЕЕ     Е   Е   Е   ЕЕЕЕ      ЕЕ Е     Е    ЕЕЕЕЕ                                                                                              Е  Е  Е  Е   Е  Е   Е     Е Е ЕЕЕЕЕ  Е        Е  Е      Е    Е                                                                                                     Е  Е      Е  Е         Е Е Е  Е   Е        Е  ЕЕ     Е    Е                                                                                                     Е  Е   ЕЕЕ   Е          Е   Е Е   Е         ЕЕ       ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕ                                                                                                 Е  Е  Е      Е         Е Е  Е Е   Е         Е Е      Е    Е                                                                                                     Е  Е  Е   Е  Е   Е     Е Е   ЕЕ   Е         Е Е      Е    Е                                                                                                     Е  Е   ЕЕЕ    ЕЕЕ     Е   Е   Е   Е          ЕЕ      ЕЕЕЕ ЕЕЕЕЕ                              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