ࡱ> RTQq  bjbjt+t+ pDAAF]4h* 646((  5555555$8:55EEEE55EE= 2j5j,\0y5PCETIS FE FOCUS GROUP MEETING Becta, Coventry : 21 May 2003 MINUTES Present Clive Church: CETIS Steve Jeyes: CETIS Mark Power: CETIS Scott Wilson: CETIS Mary Barker: NILTA Sue Rigby: LSC Tim Barrett Becta/NLN Bill Loney: LSDA Peter Cleall: JISC/RSC Nigel Peet: S Cheshire College Christine Vincent: Becta Alistair McNaught: Becta/Ferl Graeme Clarke: Glenrothes College/CETIS Andrew Bailey: Tresham College Sam Taylor: Tresham College John Mckenzie: RSC Steve Walmsley: Huddersfield University, Chris Bealey: Barnet College/ALI Richard Everett: Oaklands College Ken Smith RSC Fraser Harrington RSC Steve Rogers: JORUM Tony Brushett: Llandrillo College John Bushnell: NILTA/LSC Eta de Cicco: Becta/Ferl Shelagh Brumpton: CETIS Apologies Susan Eales, Moira Massey, Sal Cooke, Patrick Craven, Shirley Evans, Stan Frost, Ronnie Scott, Kevin Donovan, Gerry Graham, David Dana, Cathy Morgan, Kevin Palmer, Amber Thomas, Julia Duckworth, Barry Phillips Item 2: Report on CETIS Activities Clive Church referred to the bi-annual report for the details of the support provided to the sector. Steve Jeyes described the latest developments on the TOIA assessment project and demonstrated some of the tools that are being developed as part of the project (slides available on the website). The main features of the software delivered from TOIA are: A cut-down version of commercial products (eg Question Mark) which will be free to academic institutions. This should allow institutions to start developing online assessments on a simple, free product. However, it is assumed that they will migrate to one of the premium products available if they find the range of questions too restrictive. Due to be available from late July 2003 A question bank of QTI-compliant questions mapped to BTEC qualifications. These would be useful for summative assessment and student revision. JISC has still to decide the policy on question banks. A quick, small tool (possibly called QTI Light) which would be used for producing formative multi-choice questions. It would offer an environment where is would be easy to create, edit and integrate questions into learning material. Due to be available for development partners around August 2003. This prompted a lively discussion re the importance of QTI compliance and whether standards facilitated or stifled development. It was agreed that even if the means for question setting and displaying questions were beyond QTI limits, the way the results are returned must be compliant. More innovative formative assessment question types (such as crosswords/word searches), would be produced using Java / Flash etc and then could be incorporated into the standard at a later date. Item 3: Current Developments Presentations Impact on FE of X4L projects : Mark Power, CETIS  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010926111402/FR20030603135124" \t "_new" 21May03 Mark Power's Slides Mark gave a brief overview of the X4L projects which directly concern FE institutions. Many projects will start to deliver from Sep 03. The FE Focus Group should disseminate the information to other agencies in the hope that the work does not gather dust on a shelf. It was noted that there is additional work being done outside X4L and a proper strategy should be developed. Actions: BECTA capture and disseminate information S Jeyes feedback to JISC (esp. Learning Objects in Jorum+) C Church liaise with Ferl and RSCs re their role It was noted that the National Repository has not yet been approved and that Jorum is only available currently to X4L projects and for the life of that project. However, the future will be in the context of College Online and the portal for that will have to go out to tender which Jorum+ could then submit. MLE Architecture - the New Blueprint : Scott Wilson, CETIS  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010926111402/FR20030603135247" \t "_new" 21May03 Scott Wilson's Slides Scotts presentation explained the difficulties that the current approach brings. In particular he highlighted the lack of freedom for colleges to reflect their learning strategy in MLEs currently. The new architecture is based on experience gained from previous JISC-funded projects and attempts to address this. The implication on the vendors of moving away from a one size fits all MLE was discussed. Unfortunately, due to illness, Barry Phillips was unable to give his presentation Steve Jeyes outlined Sun Systems architecture model Suns Open Net Environment (Sun ONE). The common thinking between Suns approach and the future MLE design that was described in Scotts earlier talk was clear. Their vision is, A Services on Demand model in which your software Internet infrastructure is able to provide information, data, and applications to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on anything. Steve also brought to everyones attention a view expressed by Stuart Sim of UK eU where he describes 3 generations of eLearning: 1st: the whole course is uploaded into the VLE (content is king) 2nd: blended learning, the course material is supplemented by additional activities 3rd: lose the concept of a course and move towards Item 6: Brief Agency Reports Ferl Changes are likely in BECTA during the next 6 months. Focus is likely to be on leadership, working strategically with SMTs, advising etc. Ferl Practitioners Programme - staff development will be looking at Blended Learning This years Ferl Conference will be around Post 16 Transformation 14 19 and assessment researching scope Work-based learning Personalised, learner-centred approaches Learning Skills Council Implementation of recommendations arising from DELG and Get On With IT Joint Implementation Group (JIG) bringing coherence NLN Transformation Board Increased budget College Online Support and services for post 16 Not just content Applies to all post 16, much wider than just FE/HE Unique Learner Number Online assessment NILTA Focus on networking, informing, questioning, influencing Merger with AOC Working with CETIS to produce non-technical briefing papers Extending services to Adult and Continuing Learning (ACL) This years conference will be based around Success for All NLN New versions of 1st round materials are being released 2nd round materials are being released 3rd round under development accessibility issues are being addressed but VLE vendors are not completely on board NLN mentors give support to colleges Working with RSCs BECTA ACL sector work beginning Heightened awareness of the need for deliverables LSDA Working with NLN mentors and RSCs Regions meet to share and co-ordinate problems Item 7: Actions for FE Focus Group Liaise with JISC and RSCs re training for the FE sector in writing bids to ensure appropriate phrasing, vocabulary etc. Liaise with DFEE re schools sector sharing resources, tools, avoiding pitfalls etc Work with others to disseminate information re X4L content Support other in insuring that eLearning is covered in the Resources unit of the Cert Eds Support colleges in forming their learning / elearning strategies Liaise with the Pedagogy Forum re links with DfES Ensure FE presence in new IMS ePortfolios group Date of Next Meeting: to be arranged to link with meetings of Special Interest Groups.  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