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The aim was to establish the group at this meeting with the purpose of extending the group in the future to include colleges with less experience. Presentations A variety of presentations were given and slides for these are available on the website. The presentations broadly divide into those that were explaining the roles of CETIS and the FE Focus Group itself and those relating to the SWANI and other JISC funded projects. Discussion and Question/Answer Session It was generally agreed that it is important to engage college principals and influential people in the funding councils in e-learning and interoperability issues. However, there was some debate about the best way of achieving this and whether it was necessary to expose this group to the technical detail or whether the emphasis should be on the business processes and business changes that will be required. Although there was concern about how progress would be identified and measured, most college principals would rely on their technical teams for these aspects. College management need to understand the need for change in institutional practices (eg increased collaboration to reduce duplication of effort) although they are likely to be more interested in Сfaster, better, cheaperТ. Ultimately it is important that principals understand the reality of costs etc and how much/little standards will do to meet expectations. The FE Focus group have been working with JISC Infonet to produce a briefing note for college principals and they will also be gaining access via the AoC. FE institutions are facing different challenges from the HE sector (eg work-based learning). FE colleges tend to focus on achieved outcomes and are less persuaded by the experience gained through the process. Also they are often reticent about being at the leading edge in case it goes wrong. However, many colleges will find themselves at the leading edge without realising it. Decisions will need to be made about purchases, strategy etc and it is important that these are informed decisions. The experience gained in the sector through participation in the SWANI projects should be invaluable when the evaluation is complete and it is disseminated. The FE sector generally is less confident about their contribution to projects and this may be one of the reasons that they do not apply for JISC funded projects. However, the point was made by everyone who had been involved in the SWANI projects that the experience gained had been enormously valuable. While some project participants questioned whether it was feasible both to Сdo itТ and to Сdo it rightТ, others acknowledged that participating in the projects had at least brought them awareness of what is right. Part of the CETIS remit is to provide support and advice to projects as well as offering technical expertise. It was noted that the majority of people at the meeting were already involved in CETIS to some extent. The next step is to reach out to those colleges which are not engaged currently. The FE Focus group should act as a suitable starting point for any college wishing to engage in e-learning matters. People in FE may be reticent about asking questions in the open forum of the SIGs but they generally realise the benefits of having access to a pool of expertise. Graeme Clark from Glenrothes College, who is coordinating FE Focus Group activities in Scotland, suggested that future events may be aimed at a more local or regional level to ensure the widest possible participation. 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