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CETIS Further education group

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According to the remit this group is to "deal with issues relating to further education in any other special interest groups".

The group is one result of JISC taking some responsibility for ICT innovation and implementation in Further as well as Higher Education. Most Colleges in England will have seen the hand of JISC in the installation of 2 meg links but unless involved in some of the JISC funded interoperability projects will have little knowledge or engagement in the world of standards.

The developing interoperability standards are there to ensure that one can both plug the components of a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) together and can 'play content, assessment and communication activities' without any restrictions through any combination of MLE resources.

Paradoxically although much research is being conducted in HE, it is Further educations JISC funded 'interoperability projects' which are testing 'the standards' for real. Suppliers of VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) are having to prove that their software will communicate with the student information systems. Publishers are having to prove that their learning material will play through a VLE.
Such activity is raising the profile interoperability across FE and sectoral organisations such as Becta, LSDA and NILTA are further promoting the concepts. Regrettably there is much work going on across our 400+ institutions such as learning material development that is ignorant of these developments.

The slightly different remit of FE in Scotland (from south of the border) where some major Colleges are involved in research and development of online programmes is also having an impact

Some of the other 'standards specific' Special Interest Groupsí have not yet been able to encourage individuals from FE to become involved. This is regrettable although some of the talk is technical, opportunities for sharing experiences, tools and learning materials is missed.

Our remit, therefore, as co-ordinators of the FE Group is to raise awareness of interoperability and engagement in interoperability application within our sector.

Our strategy is as follows:

  • Develop an informal network of those within the sector who are involved in interoperability.
  • Inform national bodies that support FE (NILTA, LSDA, Ferl etc.) about interoperability developments
  • Support the implementation of eLearning projects within the FE sector.
  • Encourage colleagues from FE to attend 'standards specific' Special Interest Groups.
  • Provide a conduit for information on 'interoperability developments' to the FE sector.


 Contact Steve Jeyes
 Institution Newark and Sherwood College
 Phone 07786 197 584
 Contact Clive Church
 Institution Newark and Sherwood College
 Phone 07786 197 585
 Contact Shelagh Brumpton
 Institution Newark and Sherwood Colleg
 Phone 07818 076 976


 Meetings and Events

 Thanks to Sue Lovell from NILTA who has discovered this comprehensive and easy to understand paper on interoperability standards
 The ICONEX Project at Hull University has led many of the developments concerning the development of interactive content and implementation of interoperability standards
 The Reports from the MLE Interoperability Projects that finished in December 2002 are now available.
 The Post-16 eLearning Strategy Task Force Report (GetOnWithIT) - DFES commissioned July 2002
 Beginners Guide to Reusable Learning Materials by John Casey

 Clive Church (Newark and Sherwood College)
 Shelagh Brumpton (Newark and Sherwood Colleg)
 Steve Jeyes (Newark and Sherwood College)

 Minutes of first meeting
 Powerpoint Summary: Standards
 Minutes of Second Meeting
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Training Talk to RSCs September 2002
 Promtional Flyer for SIGs
 LSDA's Proposal on Learning Outcomes Specifications
 Minutes of Meeting 15/11/02
 Learning Outcomes Specification - report
 JISC X4L Projects - slides
 Digital Repositories - slides
 21May03 Mark Power's Slides
 21May03 Scott Wilson's Slides
 Minutes of Meeting 21/5/03
 Intro to Interoperability Standards
 Challenges in Delivering Blended Learning
 MLEs & the JISC SWaNI Programme
 Feedback: Engima & Skillnet SWaNI Projects
 COLA - Is it the Real Thing?
 TOIA & Links with COLA
 How Can CETIS Help You?
 Notes of Meeting 26Aug03 at Glenrothes College
 15Jan04 Overview of Meeting Held Jointly with Becta
 15Jan04 eLearning Frameworks - Steve Jeyes slides
 15Jan04 The Learning Design Revolution: Implementing LAMS - James Dalziel slides
 15Jan04 Technical Standards & Repurposing - Luke Bennett slides
 15Jan04 TOIA - Graeme Clarke slides

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