Sharon Perry, CETIS staff
February 03, 2003

BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium organised by nine European universities (Budapest, Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombately, Sheffield - hence BOBCATSSS - although there are also other members) for information specialists. The universities are all involved in the field of Library and Information Education and Research under the umbrella of EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research).

The main topic will be: Information Policy and the European Union. It is aimed at information specialists, students, and professors in the field of Library and Information Education and Research, employees of libraries and information departments.

The following sessions may be of particular interest:

Tuesday 4th February, 10:45-13:00 - Information services for ethnic minorities.

Tuesday 4th February, 10:45-11:10 - Information policy concerning minorities: from human right to library service.

Tuesday 4th February, 11:45-12:10 - Library and literature services to ethnic and linguistic minorities in Croatia with special emphasis on the region of Slavonia and Barannya.

Tuesday 4th February, 15:30-15:55 - Utilisation of online communication in teaching foreign languages and social rehabilitation to visually impaired students.

Tuesday 4th February, 16:00-16:25 - (EU) policies to increase eAccessibility for people with disabilities.

Tuesday 4th February, 17:00-17:25 - Multiculturalism or assimilation: policies in European libraries regarding ethnic and linguistic minorities