EuroTAAC 2003
Sharon Perry, CETIS staff
March 17, 2003

EuroTAAC (The Alternative Authorware Conference) was launched in 2000 for Authorware developers in Europe.

EuroTAAC is an opportunity to get information on the larger issues of eLearning, like standards compliance, script writing, educational design, graphic design, project management, network issues. It will cover such topics as:

developing with and expanding Authorware
deploying Authorware courses via LMS
LAN delivery
Web delivery
linking Authorware to databases
Authorware and Flash
Authorware and XML
Graphics for eLearning
Security issues for eLearning deployment.

Of particular note is the following session:

Thursday 17th March, 11:15-12:30 - Authorware Accessibility: Issues, Guidelines and Solutions.