SMIRK (Simple Media-Integrating Resource Creator)
Sharon Perry
October 15, 2003

SMIRK (Simple Media-Integrating Resource Creator) is a package that is being developed at the University of Hertfordshire. This TechDis workshop introduces SMIRK, which enables academics to produce multimedia presentations that can be loaded into a virtual learning environment or distributed by other means, e.g. ftp or CD-Rom. The user interface has been designed so that the presentations can be created in a similar manner to giving a chalk-and-talk lecture or seminar. Audio files are compressed in background negating the usual need for technician support.

SMIRK has internal support to encourage the creation of presentations that are accessible to students with a range of cognitive, physical and sensory impairments. Sample presentations are available.

Cost Free of charge to all delegates based within or linked to the UK Higher or Further Education sector.