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TechShare 2005

The TechShare conference is aimed at "professionals who
work in the field of sight loss or have an interest in technology".

Presentations which may be of particular interest include:

  • Producing Accessible Content: Setting the Proper Options by D Stevenson and G Pisocky, Adobe Systems.
    Why is inaccessible content still being produced, even though many of the tools are capable of producing accessible content?
    Time: 12:30-13:10, Thursday 17th November 2005.

  • The TEN Standard: Accessible Structures for Text Email Newsletters by D Jellinek and N Apostolidis, Headstar.
    "The Text Email Newsletter Standard (TEN Standard) is a set of guidelines aimed at helping publishers of plain text newsletters, updates or structured messages of any kind that are distributed by email to ensure their mailings are accessible to all."
    Time: 12:30-13:10, Thursday 17th November 2005.

  • Classifying Images on the World Wide Web by N Danino and J Edwards, University of Central Lancashire.
    This presentation highlights problems with the current use of the HTML ALT tags and presents new ways of classifying images on a website.
    Time: 15:10-15:50, Thursday 17th November 2005.

  • Beyond the W3C Accessibility Guidelines by T Moss, Webcredible.
    "During this session, you will be shown how to more effectively use the W3C guidelines, understand their limitations, and discover what you need to do to go beyond the W3C accessibility guidelines."
    Time: 09:00-09:40, Friday 18th November 2005.

  • New Approaches in Access to Mathematics by A Edwards and H McCartney, University of York.
    This presentation will describe a mathematical editor which allows access to mathematical notations using braille (multiple, international codes) and speech and is based on the MathML.
    Time: 10:00-10:40, Friday 18th November 2005.

  • Touch to Text: SMS Technology and Visually Impaired People by K Bhamra, Harrow Council, and A Hills, Middlesex Association for the Blind.
    "The project is aiming to enable learners to use a mobile phone with preloaded screen reader to practice a wide range of skills, including keypad skills, sending and receiving SMS messages, navigating web pages and completing internet forms"
    Time: 10:00-10:40, Friday 18th November 2005.

  • Website Accessibility and Usability: Moving Beyond Checkpoints by A Metcalf, Nomensa.
    "This presentation demonstrates... ways to improve a site's accessibility by involving key aspects of usability."
    Time: 10:00-10:40, Friday 18th November 2005.

  • Making the Mainstream Accessible - Simplified Structured Information for the Blind and Sighted by M Atkinson, Loughborough University.
    The AGRIP Project has been developing software that allows blind people to play Quake. Understanding the challenges raised during this project may improve access in many areas, from games to the presentation of diagrams and the structure of mathematical equations.
    Time: 13:45-14:25, Friday 18th November 2005.

  • Using the T3 System in the British Education Context by L Wells and M Wells, Royal National College for the Blind.
    "Now we have the means to turn a tactile image into a multimedia event that can make learning fun."
    Time: 14:45-15:25, Friday 18th November 2005.

Pre-conference Workshops on Wednesday 16th November include:

Cost: from 150 + VAT.

Date: from 16 November, 2005 to 18 November, 2005
Venue: Jury's Inn Hotel, Birmingham, England.
Event website:
Contact email:

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