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EDF-1 Oxford



  • Introductions
  • ELF Update - Organisation, Toolkits, website
  • Discussion - on the ELF & where it's going.
  • Standards Update - latest in Webservices
  • Discussion - What do you want from the DevForum?


  • Codebash session - Using the ELF toolkits in YOUR projects
    This is an opportunity to test out the ELF in practice. The session will explore how to use the ELF Toolkits to enable your applications to consume or produce services in the eLearning Framework, with particular focus on IMS Enterprise Webservices. The meeting will be an opportunity for both commercial vendors and the academic OSS community to benefit directly from the ongoing investment in Open Source Software by JISC.

For more information about this event please visit the ELF/ENT event page on the CETIS website.

Date: 09 March, 2005
Venue: OUCS Oxford, UK

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