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The 16th Meeting

The 16th EC SIG meeting took place on Friday, 17th March, 2006 at the University of Strathclyde. The theme of this meeting was transforming practice through eLearning, and showcased five of the six current SFC Transformation projects. The transformation projects are very different in size, scope and context, However, the underlying ethos for all of the projects is to bring about transformational and sustainable change through the use of ICT.

Five of the six projects were able to attend this meeting and give the SIG an overview of their work during the morning session of the meeting. To complement the notion of transformational change, the afternoon session dealt with wider UK transformational issues such as the use of web-services in education, the LADiE reference model and the use of IMS Learning Design as a model for staff development.

Powerpoint files from each presentation are available to download below, as are podcasts for six of the presentations. Unfortunately some gremlins were around on the day and so there are no podcasts for the BlendED and LADiE presentations - apologies from a slightly technically inept coordinator :-).

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