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Sections: Course Identifiers / Eduperson / Enterprise Services Toolkits /ePortfolios / Frameworks / Interoperability / ioNode / MLEs / OKI and OSIDs / Portals / Sakai / Shibboleth / SIF / Web Services / Weblogs

Course Information

MACE-course ID
A project to further the development of course data elements for higher education.

Course identifier standardisation work started
Article by Wilbert Kraan for CETIS website, about MACE-course ID.

XCRI Project (eXchanging Course Related Information).
The XCRI project aims to define a generic course description specification for the UK.


EDUCAUSE/Internet2 eduPerson object class.

Enterprise Services

Sourceforge Project Page for the IMS Enterprise Software Development Kit. Enterprise Web Services Toolkit with Timetable Extensions for

Using the Enterprise SDK to create a minimal IMS Enterprise web service (Scott Wilson)

Enterprise Services - the REST version (Scott Wilson)


IMS ePortfolio Specification

Introducing ePortfolio Part 1 (Scott Wilson)

Introducing ePortfolio Part 2 (Scott Wilson)

Towards interoperability of learner information: PDP, e-portfolio, transcript
Website designed by Simon Grant of the Centre for Recording Achievement to support the JISC MLES for Lifelong Learning Projects, and anyone interested in this area.


ELF (E-Learning Framework) website.
The ELF (an initiative by JISC, UK; DEST, Australia; LSAL, US; etc) is a reference model which breaks up the functions required by educational institutions (e.g. timetabling, assessment, etc) into separate "services", rather than replicating these functions in large "monolithic" systems (e.g. VLEs, Student Record Systems, etc).

JISC e-Learning Programme: Technical Framework and Tools Strand.

JISC e-Learning Focus: supporting the JISC e-Learning Programme.
A website with news and articles about the JISC e-Learning Programme.
A non-technical guide to technical frameworks: Part One (Sarah Holyfield)
and A non-technical guide to technical frameworks: Part Two(Sarah Holyfield).

The case for a technical framework to support MLEs and e-Learning.
Article by Scott Wilson of CETIS, proposing a shift from "giant components" (VLE, Student Records, Library Management Systems) to a services oriented architecture.

IMS Abstract Framework (PDF)
"The IMS Abstract Framework (IAF) is a device to enable the IMS to describe the context within which it will continue to develop its eLearning technology specifications. This framework is not an attempt to define the IMS architecture, rather it is a mechanism to define the set of services for which IMS may or may not produce a set of interoperability specifications."

Same area, different goals; Sakai and the JISC Framework Programme.
Article by Wilbert Kraan for CETIS website.

White Paper: a comparison between the JISC and Sakai Frameworks.
Article by Mark Norton of the Sakai Project.

e-Learning Frameworks and Tools: Is it too late? - The Director's cut.
Paper by Derek Morrison for ALT-C 2004.


Report on the Technical Evaluation of the JISC funded Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Managed Learning Environments Programme (SWANI).
Report on the JISC SWANI projects, investigating the transfer of data between systems. Written by Tom Franklin, of Franklin Consulting.


ioNode: A framework for interoperability 1.0.
A white paper written by Selwyn Lloyd (Phosphorix) and John Bigerstaff (SHELL), with contributions from James Bennett, Wynne Rees and Terry Rourke. ioNode is an open source middleware.


Creating MLEs Infokit
A infokit commissioned by JISC and edited by Sarah Holyfield, full of advice and experience to assist people developing Managed Learning Environments.


OKI (Open Knowledge Initiative)
OKI is a colloboration between universities and specification organizations to create an open and extensible architecture that specifies how the components of an educational software environment communicate with each other and with other enterprise systems.

OSIDs (Open Service Interface Definitions)
OSIDs have been developed by OKI for a range of functions including: Authorization, Authentication, Hierarchy, Scheduling, Usermessaging and so forth.


uPortal is a free, open source customizable portal developed collaboratively by a number of American insitutions.

Beginners Guide to uPortal
A beginners guide to uPortal written by Lee Chamberlain, Margaret Nah Juahkah and Robert Sherratt for the JISC funded PORTAL project at the University of Hull.

PORTAL Project, University of Hull
The University of Hull's JISC funded PORTAL Project, which uses uPortal software.


Sakai Project
A collaboration between the uPortal consortium and the universities of Michigan, Stanford, MIT and Indiana to create a standards based, open source portal or MLE.

SEPP (Sakai Educational Partners Project)
A support community for institutions adopting Sakai.

Article about Sakai on CETIS website.
An article about Sakai written by Wilbert Kraan, outlining details about the project.


Shibboleth website

Shibboleth: Connecting People and Resources (JISC Briefing)

Very readable article about Shibboleth on Derek Morrison's Auricle blog.

Installing Shibboleth (article for Ariadne by Simon McLeish)

SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework)

SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework)

Web Services

Workflow and web services (Scott Wilson)

Introduction to Web Services
Article by Lakshmi Ananthamurthy for

Web services what web services?
Article by Derek Morrison giving an example of a web service, and containing many useful links.


Derek Morrison's Auricle.

Jon Rowett's Workblog.

Scott Wilson's Workblog.

Stephen Downes' OLDaily.


Address: Vashti Zarach, CETIS Enterprise SIG Coordinator, Research Institute for Enhancing Learning, Padarn, School of Education, University of Wales Bangor, Normal Site, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2PX. Tel: 01248 388384. Email: