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Connecting Teachers & Technologists:
a joint meeting of the CETIS Pedagogy Forum and the CETIS Enterprise SIG

Venue: Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester; Date: 18th October 2005..


Introduction to the Day.
Lisa Corley, Pedagogy Forum Coordinator and Vashti Zarach, Enterprise SIG Coordinator.

World of Enterprise.
Vashti Zarach, Enterprise SIG Coordinator.

BeRT (Brockenhurst e-Registers Toolkit).
Jon Rowett, MLE Developer, Brockenhurst College.

Teachers & Technologists.
Mark Stubbs, Senior Lecturer / Manager of XCRI Project, Manchester Metropolitan University.

World of Pedagogy.
Lisa Corley, Pedagogy Forum Coordinator.

Making Tracks.
Steve Jeyes, Lifelong Learning Forum, CETIS.

After lunch, Sarah Holyfield and Christina Smart introduced a discussion session called Mind the Gap. Delegates were asked to divide themselves into teachers and technologists. They were given an imaginary scenario about an institution preparing its 5 year e-learning strategy, and each group was asked to prepare a presentation. The two groups took it in turns to discuss their question for 20 minutes, whilst the other group listened, and the SIG coordinators made notes for the Powerpoint presentation slides below.

Mind the Gap: Introduction to the Session.
Sarah Holyfield & Christina Smart, JISC e-Learning Focus website.

Teachers' Discussion: What would we like to be able to do and why?

Technologists' Discussion: Why we think a service oriented approach is a good idea for us.

Meeting Agenda


10.00 10.30 Tea and coffee

10.30 10.40 Organisers: Introduction to the Aims of the Day

10.40 10.50 Introductions

10.50 - 11.00 Vashti Zarach, Enterprise SIG Coordinator: The World of Enterprise

11.00 11.20 Jon Rowett: BERT (Brockenhurst eRegisters Toolkit)
A example of a project using technology to develop useful tools for teachers.

11.20 11.40 Mark Stubbs: Teachers & Technologists
A presentation on the day's theme from someone with a foot in both camps.

11.40 11.55 Teabreak

11.55 12.10 Lisa Corley, Pedagogy Forum Coordinator: The World of Pedagogy

12.10 12.30 Steve Jeyes: The Making Tracks Project (Making Tracks website): Bridging the Chasm
Lessons from a project developing tools to support learning.

12.30 1.00 Discussion: What do teachers & technologists need to talk about?

1.00 2.00 Lunch

2.00 3.15 Sarah Holyfield & Christina Smart: Mind the gap: bridging the two communities
The development of service oriented approaches offer an opportunity for pedagogy to inform the systems that are implemented, but these two communities are not used to communicating directly about their worlds. This session will explore this issue. The work of the JISC e-Learning Programme in this area will be introduced.

3.15 3.30 Teabreak

3.30 4.00 Final discussion: What connections have we made?

Attendees List

Meeting attendees


Address: Vashti Zarach, CETIS Enterprise SIG Coordinator, Research Institute for Enhancing Learning, Padarn, School of Education, University of Wales Bangor, Normal Site, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2PX. Tel: 01248 388384. Email: