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LLG Newsletter December 2005


There is a culture (supported by funding drivers) within Higher Education for research and development. Many institutions within this sector possess learning technologists who can both contribute to the development of national specifications and standards and support their institutions in making appropriate decisions concerning the use of new technology.

Within the other UK education sectors such as further education and schools staff generally focus on teaching and learning and their institutions rely on external support and advice as to the effective use of learning technology.

They have little opportunity to influence the areas requiring interoperability specifications development. They are limited in the influence that they can apply to how those bodies reflect the priorities of them and their learners.

The Lifelong Learning Group, therefore, aims:

  • To help ensure that the needs of the Lifelong Learning Sector are considered by the international interoperability specifications bodies and the JISC projects that develop and implement the results of their deliberations.
  • To support agencies that have Lifelong Learning sector responsibilities for learning and teaching (and by implication assessment) tools, materials and systems.
  • To disseminate the implications of interoperability standards developments on e-learning tools, materials and systems: helping to ensure that appropriate purchasing decisions are made by schools and colleges.
  • To work alongside other JISC services to support those full member institutions outside the HE sector who wish to develop through project work their expertise in learning technology.

In summary, the group aims to provide a bridge between the interoperability standards development expertise within CETIS and its HE based community and the Lifelong Learning sector.

Representatives from this Group work closely with the CETIS Special Interest Groups to encourage attendance at their meetings by those outside the university sector. These informal and friendly groups provide that network of guidance and expertise essential for the development of learning technology expertise.

The Group based at Coleg Sirgar in Wales and co-ordinated by Clive Church and Steve Jeyes contains representatives from the nations within the United Kingdom and key government agencies.

Individuals wishing to contribute to the Group's work are welcome to join.

For those from the Lifelong Sector who wish to take advantage of the JISC-CETIS service please contact:


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