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About the forum

The Pedagogy Forum will identify good practice in the use of interoperability standards and specifications and also seek to benefit from the wide experience of the UK learning technology community to input into these. It is highly important that the e-learning standards meet educational needs as well as fulfilling technical requirements, and for that we would value your input.

The Forum will discuss issues such as

  • With the increasing use of learning technology, how will this affect teaching and learning practice?
  • What role do standards play in the development (and use) of learning technologies?
  • What are the limitations and opportunities which arise when standards are applied?
  • As the technologies evolve, how can these support various educational models, and vice versa?

eLearning standards and specifications to date have been rather infrastructural and technology focused. We are now at the point where we need to ensure that the 'learning' is put into learning technology specification, and for that we need to generate a meaningful dialogue with those whose focus is on pedagogy.

Proposed Activities

The Pedagogy Forum will meet regularly. One of its key roles will be to advise the other CETIS groups on the significance and relevance of Pedagogy in e-learning systems. The group will also gather the requirements of the FE and HE sectors and feed them back via CETIS to the relevant standards bodies.

It will work with the other CETIS SIGs to enable pedagogy to remain a key focus within the implementations of the various IMS specifications.

Developments in Pedagogy across all the relevant IMS standards will be tracked and disseminated to the UK FE and HE communities.

Who should join the Pedagogy Forum?

Pedagogical issues are of importance to all those involved in developing learning technology or creating content for it. It will therefore be open to those interested in the educational issues facing learning technology developers from all UK FE and HE institutions.

We invite all those interested in the educational uses of technology to join this Forum to contribute their views and promote useful discussion, the results of which can then be fed back to the relevant standards bodies.

The CETIS Pedagogy Forum was launched at an event on 14th April 2003. Please see Events for further details


Suggestions and additions can be sent to Lisa Corley

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