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More documents will be added here soon. The main CETIS website has lots of documents and articles which may be of interest: CETIS (Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards) website.

The Presentation slides from Pedagogy Forum meetings are available from the Events page

You can also download a document which provides details about the Pedagogy Forum

You may also like to read the News article about the Pedagogy Forum Launch event on the CETIS website, "Teachers Teach the Techies" by Wilbert Kraan.

At the Pedagogy Forum Launch Event there was some reference to a specification brought out by IMS called Learning Design.

Related to the discussions about Learning Design were requirements for ‘tools’ and some mentioned ‘LAMS’ (Learning Activity Management System) and COLIS (Collaborative Online Learning & Information Services) - this is not a ‘tool’ but the acronym came up and Feedback gathered from the evaluation forms asked for more information about both these; future events and briefing documents will hopefully provide this, but in the meantime you may this information helpful – its extracted from minutes of the CETIS Educational Content (EC) Special Interest Group.

IMS Learning Design Resources
Colin Tattersall of the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) has written a short article examining EML and IMS LD for the UK's Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) sessions on Supporting Sustainable e-Learning (see The article can be found here:

The 'Learning Networks' Forum at is run by OUNL and has a IMS Learning Design & EML forum which contains ‘Resources’, ‘Discussion’ and ‘FAQ’. Within FAQ there is a link to a pdf document with Frequently Asked Questions concerning IMS Learning Design. To access this, you will need to register and then access the area yourself. There are also several other resources which you may find useful. Please also input to the discussion forum and feed back any other questions you may have, as this is a recent specification and contributions from the community are valuable.


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