This is the PLE project at Bolton University, working towards defining the tools for personal learning. The project is being funded by JISC and carried out by CETIS

The project is part of the e-Learning Reference Models programme for the e-Framework. Read a very short project summary.

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Scott Wilson, April 16, 2007

McLuhan and the PLE

Some of my major influences when working on the PLE project were McLuhan, Stafford Beer, and Ivan Illich, so its interesting to see an application of the Tetrad to the PLE concept.

There is a commentary on this by George Siemens, however I'd like to add a comment of my own regarding reversal; perhaps a simple way of expressing reversal is to say that a PLE, when pushed beyond its limits becomes impersonal. (For example, this would be like the mandating of ePortfolios that turns them from personal into institutional artifacts.)

However, I'm not sure the tetrad is the right way to look at the PLE, but a way of looking at media that might be incorporated within an individuals' PLE, or perhaps a mechanism that a PLE might employ as a tool for helping its owner understand media.


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