This is the PLE project at Bolton University, working towards defining the tools for personal learning. The project is being funded by JISC and carried out by CETIS

The project is part of the e-Learning Reference Models programme for the e-Framework. Read a very short project summary.

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Scott Wilson, August 15, 2007

Organisational perspectives on the PLE

Last month I presented a paper at Ed-Media titled Preparing for disruption: developing institutional capability for decentralized education technologies. This month, Michele Martin has a great post called Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work.

I think what we are starting to see emerging is the sheer practicality of the PLE as both an individual and organisational response to the challenges and opportunities of networked learning. While some concentrate on the key empowering aspects and learner perspective, there is also a complementary organisational perspective, which sees the PLE as a key opportunity to gain the benefits of e-learning in the organisation without the substantial capital cost and management overhead of centralised learning provision.

The next stage is where we start to see the services that provide the complementary coordination for PLE-enabled learners operating in organisations. This month I posted on the CircleUp message coordination service, for example. I think we'll see more of these kinds of services emerge to support the type of coordination needed to support course groups and work teams but operating in a very different way to traditional groupware and VLE/LMS solutions.


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