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June 05, 2005

University blog hosting taking off?

Jeremy Smith has written some brief reviews of blog hosting services at a range of universities. Is this a new trend? Smith reviews blogging services provided at Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford, MIT, Minnesota, Case Western, and Warwick (with Warwick getting the top mark :-)

From the comments - South Florida, PEI, Calgary and UBC in Vancouver have also got campus weblog hosting. IncSub mentions USC, USF, Rice, Taylor and others. I wonder how many more are out there?

An interesting comment:

So, where too from here? There are many questions that are going to start being asked about open versus closed environments, about the exact role that blogs might play in learning, about where they sit in relation to portfolios and, perhaps most significantly, what the dominating Courseware Management Systems, WebCT and Blackboard, are going to do as demand for blogging grows.

Check out Jeremy Smiths post here.

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