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August 10, 2006

Apple Teams

Looks like Apple is building in a group collaboration system into its server OS based on the use of wikis, weblogs, calendars and podcasts. Sounds interesting!

For more info check out the MacRumors page. However, this is the interesting quote from the OS X Server mailing list:

Teams is a revolutionary new way for people to work together. Teams lets people share contacts, resources, information and communicate more effectively - as a team.
With Teams, groups receive their own website--an online Wiki Server-- listing the latest news, upcoming events and providing people access to online documents. This Wiki-powered website makes it easy for people within the group to create and edit web page content, hyperlink and crosslink between page and maintain history of all past changes. In addition, this group website provides web-based access to a shared group calendar, and a blog communication and podcasting.
But thats not all. Launching the new Teams Directory application gives you access to shared accounts for people, groups, locations and resources within your organization. You can use Teams Directory to find information, or define new shared contacts, assign people to groups and logically organize groups based on hierarchy. With Teams Directory you can define office locations complete with searchable building and location maps, as well as manage shared resources such as conference rooms and projectors.

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