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September 08, 2006

ALT-C 2006: The Next Generation

I've been to ALT-C again this year, and despite being in my second-least favourite venue (Heriot-Watt) it was worth the trek. I facilitated in two workshops (it would have been three if two of them hadn't been scheduled for the same time!)

The first workshop was with Frans Jacobs on the net generation, social software, and new literacies, which I think went OK but perhaps would have benefitted from some more structure and direct use of technology. However, it was great to meet Frans and I think I learned a few new things!

The second workshop I did with Brian Kelly and Adrian Stevenson, and was about using the technology in the workshop setting itself. This I think worked very well, and it was hard fitting it into the timeslot available. Although we only used a few technologies (live wiki editing for group notes, gabbly for chat, 43things and wiki for identifying attendee's goals) I think it was enough to shift the nature of the workshop away from the standard formula. I'll definitely have to build on this experience in any future events I work with. If you're interested in the resources used and the outcomes, here are the links.

In terms of things attended, the session on podcasting was a bit disappointing - yes, sharing audio files made by the teacher using the LMS is a reasonable place to start when you first want to experiment in this space, but its only when learners are making, syndicating and listening to their own podcasts both within and outwith the course boundary that things start to become really interesting.

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