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October 24, 2006

PLEs, XCRIs, SUMs and other acronyms in Melbourne

A belated catch up here - a few weeks ago I was in Melbourne at the IdeaLab event at Victoria University. Its one of my favourite events, although thats at least in part down to Melbourne being one of my favourite cities.

The content of the event was pretty diverse, although the common themes were repositories and competencies. On the latter there was an excellent presentation by Robbie Robson; on the former there was a vast amount of detailed information on CORDRA and other federated architecture work from Dan Rehak and others.

So, I presented on the PLE (again) (slides). This came at the end of a long run of presenting PLE things for me, with last month in Utrecht and then in Crete at EC-TEL 2006, but I think it went well overall.

Unexpectedly during a slot on Service Usage Models (SUMs) I volunteered to do something on XCRI (slides), which was really good. I find a lot of e-framework presentations a bit too abstract, so hopefully this one helped ground it in practical examples. For those who don't already know, XCRI is a specification for feeds of course information that can be aggregated by brokers and search services to help people find offerings that meet their needs. Its designed to enable third parties to augment the harvested course descriptions with their own content, such as adding social feedback. (I've done an example in Rails that uses geocoding to plot course venues using Google Maps).

I'm now in Sydney immersed in the complex world of workflow; I'll send some dispatches when I emerge...

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