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November 28, 2006

Mashup stencil [updated]

I've been doing a lot of architecture diagrams recently, and have settled on a template which makes regular UML 2.0 diagrams a bit more understandable (and colourful) in the context of mashups.

The template is in Omnigraffle format for the mac, and you can download it here. Update: Scott Leslie has also usefully provided a Visio Shapes file for PC users.

This is what the stencil looks like:

Here's an example - the architecture XCRI aggregator and portal:

As usual the trick with these kinds of models is balancing a technical and a wider perspective so that the diagram has some sort of meaning that can be explained. Being a techie I use UML 2.0 deployment diagrams a lot, but they can look a bit hard on the eye. This template still keeps some of the UML semantics if you're used to looking at deployment models, although its a lot less formal. Creative Commons licensing applies as usual (see the page footer), so feel free to play with it, make alternate versions etc.

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