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November 29, 2006

IGDA white paper on alternate reality games

Its a bit overdue, but finally the IGDA white paper on ARGs is here. ARGs blend the real virtual to create interesting new types of games, and are in some ways analogous to "blended learning".

Thanks to KLM I managed to miss the launch event for this earlier in the year so its good to finally get my hands on the paper. When games are discussed in the context of education and elearning, all too often the focus sticks with console and PC games, when a lot of interesting things are happening in ARGs, and even in more 'traditional' games such as boardgames. The blended semi-artificial realities of ARGs may actually make more sense as an inspiration for eLearning.

Btw, if anyone reading this knows where the Receda Cube is, let me know.

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