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February 09, 2007

Personal information processors - Yahoo! Pipes!

Yahoo! have released Pipes, an information processing toolkit.

I've been keeping an eye on information processing toolkits like xFruits and reblog for a while now - tools that enable personal information flows to be created by small chunks of content processing and analysis.

An early example of the techniques involved using wikipedia and yahoo to generate concept maps.

However, for true 'composability' the toolkits pieces need to exposed to an easy workflow editor (like Apple's automator). Pipes has a nice little editor that uses the pipeline metaphor to link together processes into an information system. The xFruits composer, meanwhile, remains a greyed-out option on the user interface.

its still a little early to judge the potential, but some of the initial experiments are interesting, such as the Flickr-NYT mashup.

Yahoo Pipes Logo

In fact, the only downside so far is that you need a Yahoo! ID! to use the service.

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