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March 21, 2007

AoC NILTA and personalisation

Yesterday I attended the AoC NILTA conference in Leeds (my old home town) and presented one of several sessions on personalisation.

The keynotes in the morning, by Barbara Ganley and Nigel Paine (formerly of the BBC) were excellent, inspiring talks. Nigel used my "future VLE" slide but (not knowing me) he credited it as "James Wilson". However, he did say that "James" was "probably a student at Bolton" which I found oddly flattering!

My session on personalisation went OK I think. It was mostly discussion; everyone had lots of good points and I didn't want to rattle on through a bunch of slides and interrupt it, so we didn't get very far in terms of progression of 'my' talk but I think it was better to open things out as this whole space is very immature.

The slides, with some additional notes I made afterwards, can be downloaded as a PDF, or you can click through the slides themselves below. (NB, any slide with an orange border is made up of participant contributions rather than my text.)

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