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March 27, 2007

Alternate Reality Games white paper updated and wikified

One of the more interesting papers to appear last year was the IGDA paper on Alternate Reality Gaming, a kind of 'blended gaming' or a kind of low-tech 'augmented reality' that uses, for the most part, a combination of low-tech techniques (character blogs, 'fake' websites, staged real world events, online communities, SMS, physical cards and game components) and a lot of creativity and clever use of narrative. Its now available as an updated Wiki.

I think I must be a bit unusual in the EdTech sector as I find ARGs fascinating and full of amazing possibilities, but find Second Life as being rather boring and lacking potential. Maybe I'm missing something.

Something to watch out for in the ARG world: Perplex City Stories launches in June

See also my previous post announcing the first version of the paper

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