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April 04, 2007

The end of pagination?

While wrangling with search paging for an application I've been working I came across this very interesting article from last year: LiveFilter: Reinventing search. The idea is simple - don't have any 'next page' and 'prev page' links. Just have a single, infinitely long page. It just grows as you scroll. Oh, and rather than see the number of results after you search, you see them before. Oh yes.

The implementation of the idea is pretty simple - it uses Ajax to load batches of results as you scroll and append them to the DOM. But it feels very different to a paged search.

But why limit yourself to searches (OK, filtering really)? Forums, blogs, documents - any collection-like thing can be made into a single "stretchy" page instead of a regular paged master-detail view set.

Still, I guess I'd better get on with more options[:offset] = options[:limit] * (options.delete(:page).to_i-1) nonsense while awaiting the LiveFilter revolution.

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