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April 10, 2007

Google to host Atom Publication Protocol plugfest

On the 16th and 17th of April, Google are hosting an event to test interoperability using the Atom Publishing Protocol. So far the list of attendees is pretty impressive, and I think its a safe bet that APP is going to be the de facto web publishing API for years to come.

The list keeps changing, but I think its interesting to see Google, AoL, Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Oracle, Six Apart, and Flock are turning up with working implementations to throw into the ring.

Check back at the site after (or possibly during) the event to see how the interoperability grid and the feature support grid get filled out.

APP is a standard REST-based protocol for publishing content to collections of web content, typically for publishing entries in a blog but the specification is much more general than that. APP complements the Atom Syndication Format, which is the feed format for reading entries - together, they make up the Atom concept of 'reading and writing information on the web". For more information, you can read the APP specification.

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