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April 26, 2007

Teachers in FaceBook

Jill links to an interesting short paper on student/faculty relations in FaceBook.

I wrote an post on this topic a while back, so its interesting to see the figures in this small study. While the majority of students (about two-thirds) had no problems with staff being in their social network, a third did find it problematic.

Perhaps more noteworthy, there was a very noticable gender difference, with female students twice as likely to not want to see their professors in FaceBook.

As usual, the sample size was rather small, but I'd like to see this kind of work replicated in some other (non-US) locations to see if there is a general pattern here, especially the gender difference.

Overall I think its more appropriate for institutions to look at how to support learning networks and professional development networks rather than to encourage staff to interact with students in general social networks.

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