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May 21, 2007

Current work

One of the purposes of this blog is to let people in my wider [network/group/collective/circus] know what I'm working on, something I've let slip away lately. So here's a quick summary of what I'm up to.

the XCRI project is an effort to emerge a specification for sharing information about learning opportunities (e.g. courses) using simple aggregation techniques. I've contributed to the specification wiki and some prototype applications. XCRI is being factored into plans to modernise the processes of finding and applying for courses at 14-19 and HE level in the UK.

the FeedForward project is a new project where we'll be putting into practice ideas from the PLE work and elsewhere (e.g. Stephen Downes' RSSWritr) into an application that integrates the use of formal repositories with general web resources using the same workflows of aggregating and publishing. The intention is to bring some otherwise difficult to use services into the same category of use as popular newsfeeds and blogging tools. Its still very early days, and we haven't kicked off the project yet.

I'm still involved in doing IMS specifications, particularly Enterprise and Tools Interoperability, though not as much as previously.

I've been working a lot on helping identify areas for strategic funding by JISC, such as helping with the recent Capital Call. The "technology supported learning environments" (PLE by any other name) was something I put a fair bit of effort into. Hopefully the projects funded there (see under "Strand C: TSLE") will do some great work.

I'm doing a fair bit of academic writing and presenting. I'll be at Ed-Media in Vancouver next month, which I'm looking forward to. This is where I try and keep up with the PLE debate among other things.

The Ten Competence project is a major EU-funded project on learning networks for competence development. I'm currently doing some work for this project on an architecture for incorporating Widgets into learning designs.

I'm on the steering group for EMERGE.

I have a continuing relationship with MELCOE, and have contributed recently to the RAMP project.

As usual I do some partnership work, with organisations such as BECTa, relating to standards in e-learning.

Though the above seems a poor reflection of my actual work, which some days seems to largely involve filling in forms, writing reports, and going to meetings. But then isn't that everyone's experience?

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