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June 01, 2007

Institutions adapting to user-owned technology

I've been writing a fair bit on the theme of institutional adaptation for a while now; I'll have more to say at this year's Ed-Media conference in Vancouver next month. For now, however, here's a guest post by Alison Wildish on Brian's blog, which shows the kind of thinking that is becoming more mainstream in university IT services.

A shame I can't get an inside look at "Go" to see how this is realised:

In September last year we launched the "Go" portal for students which embedded some social networking and user-owned technologies with our institutional systems.

Note that Alison says 'user-owned' here and not 'personalised'. Recently the "PLE" concept has been misinterpreted several times in various presentations and posts I've read to mean 'personalised learning environment': that is, simply an institutionally-owned system with a bit of customisation and user configuration. The "P" in PLE stands for personal, as in owned by the user.

Via Brian Kelly's UK Web Focus.

( BTW, Congrats, Brian, on beating my Technorati ranking - don't crow too much or I'll stop linking to you!! :-D )

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