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November 01, 2007

User-Centric Identity system interoperability tests

As reported on the Burton Group Identity Blog, the results are in from their interoperability event, focussing on user-centric identity technologies such as OpenID and Microsoft CardSpace.

The results have been posted to a wiki and show a range of issues and failures in various situations. There are quite a few gaps in the testing, indicating quite a few possibilities for future testing events. However, the results are worth delving into, as the headline here is that for the most part the user-centric identity technologies are working together nicely, and the tools are coming along well in maturity and interoperability.

A good example of this is MyOpenID's support for InfoCards to use with its OpenID service, enabling users to login to sites with OpenID without ever needing to enter a username or password, and completely sidestepping Phishing attempts.

More commentary over on Kim's blog

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