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November 06, 2007

What kind of Relying Party are you?

A quick (not-very-serious) quiz to help you identify which type of Identity system your application would be a good match for.

What type of Relying Party are you?

My users are mostly...

a) people who work for ME. I pwn them all!
b) people who I pwn, and people who my friends pwn
c) anyone and anything, and no-one necessarily pwns anyone
d) suckers and idiots

I like to identify....

a) everyone, so I can make sure they only do things I want them to do
b) no-one, as long as someone I trust has done it, and they aren't going to rip me off
c) everyone, but just so I can look consistent and avoid $pam
d) everyone, because I'm a megalomaniac

My user's attributes...

a) are 100% accurate because they are managed by ME
b) are probably accurate as they are vouched for by my friends
c) are probably completely made up, but thankfully I don't use them for access control anyway
d) are keyed to their DNA and tattooed on their foreheads

I use my user's attributes...

a) to control what they can do
b) to control what they can do
c) to stop them needing to fill in registration forms
d) to stop them from doing anything other than pay me money

My users roles are...

a) related to their position within my organisation
b) mapped onto a common model agreed by me and my friends
c) just "user". We might give them more rights if they play nicely.
d) "customer" or "mug"

if you answered mostly:

a) You are a typical application. In an Enterprise, you will probably like to be connected up to an LDAP directory. Or you may prefer to just play with yourself instead.
b) You like to have lots of friends who are just like you. You like to ask users lots of questions, but keep forgetting their names afterwards. You should probably move into a Shibboleth federation.
c) You are a trendy web application. Your ideal match is an OpenID provider. You think you are so cool and trendy, though your users are a bit baffled as to how you work.
d) You are a DRM-enabled repository. You hate your users, and will probably make them use something sadistically complicated for even menial tasks.

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