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November 13, 2007

PLEs and the institution

Given a lot of recent comments we really have to elaborate the set of connections between what an institution offers and what individuals manage. I've tried to put some of how I think this should work in a diagram (as usual).

PLE diagram

I'll try and get some time to elaborate the thinking here, but basically imagine this entire model is sitting on the line from "Future VLE" to each education institution in the original PLE diagram. Originally I thought that a personal system could manage all the variety of all connected institutions, but more realistically there does seem to be a real need for a more concrete coordination system sitting between the personal system and the enterprise, for handling jobs such as initial rendezvous and peer association. For some users this disappears quickly in favour of directly incorporating course feeds and widgets into their own environments. For others, this coordination system becomes a primary point of use. However, it is clearly not an LMS in the traditional sense.

I hope this better articulates the institution-personal relationship and responsibilities. However, I've left off some assessment pieces as the diagram is cluttered enough already!

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