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December 18, 2007

Discovery to Delivery Re-imagined

Paul Walk has been thinking aloud about the "discovery to delivery" model that is a major foundation of JISC's academic information management model. Coincidentally its been on my mind, too, as part of the FeedForward project.

Here's my attempt at a reformulation of the information workflow:

Starting from the outer ring: we have an iterative process of setting up and configuring tools and services in connection with the wider web (the cloud). From there we shift into an inner process of selecting useful sources, pulling in information, and sometimes focussing in on particular groups of sources. Then inside there we have a more intensive cycle of scanning sources; selecting items of interest; organising them in groups, lists, (topic/mind/freeform)maps and so on; reviewing what we have and making sense and patterns (possibly leading us back into the outer cycles); "writing" (or other creative acts); and publishing, leading us back out to the wider web.

This was the work of a morning coffee time so its hardly a well-thought-through model, but it tries to expose some of the thinking inside the FF design. Lets see if it works.

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