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January 04, 2008

The JISC time machine

I was very pleased as a researcher (who has to write the odd funding proposal) to see JISC adding a feed for new funding calls. However, a programming glitch has made it even more fascinating - the date range function at the JISC website seems to have been reversed, and I am now receiving funding calls from further and further into the past.

Its fascinating, but probably not intentional!

The latest posting indicates that JISC is embarking on an ambitious programme in the areas of:

  • Technologies t
  • support management and infrastructure of HE
  • Heterogeneous and Cluster Computing
  • Technologies t
  • support network-accessible information
  • Tools for Multi-Media
  • Tools for Collaborative and Distance working, including server/client delivery of on-line teaching material
  • High Performance Computing Training & Education.
  • Visualisation and virtual environments
  • IKBS/AI in the HE environment
  • Integrated Audio-Visual and Computing Systems
  • Application studies in support of any of these topics

It will call this the "JTAP" programme. The deadline for applications is 30/11/95.

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