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January 05, 2008

Another fine idea pre-empted - the TXTWL

On one of the many long-distance train journeys I take for CETIS I had what I thought was one of my better ideas - what with all the new learning spaces taking shape in universities, we need new forms of media that make great use of a much larger canvas. (Because no matter how great your Common Cartridge is, its not a public social experience, and it will suck when viewed 20' wide). So, I came up with something I called "TXTWL".

"TXTWL" would just be a projector, a big dark wall, and a little server in the background probably running Processing. The projector shows a phone number, and an MSN address. Anyone in the learning space (or anywhere for that matter) can text the number or message the MSN, and there message instantly shows up on the wall, gently floating around and fading over time.

Turns out someone had a very similar idea, and have taken it a step further with nifty experiment.

I still might try and rustle up a little bit of money to make TXTWL though.

Found via Bruce Sterling, beyond the beyond.

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