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February 29, 2008

OpenID, Presence at the TenCompetence Winter School

Last week I had a great time visiting Innsbruck as part of the TenCompetence Winter School, which is a sort of retreat for postgraduate students. I had one slot for presenting, which as it was 90 minutes I split into two shorter sessions, one on OpenID and one on Presence.

The OpenID session was a lot of fun, mostly for getting people using it and seeing how it works. At the beginning of the session we had maybe 2 people who had used OpenID in the room; at the end we had about 20, a good mix of people who discovered pre-existing OpenID accounts offered by services they used (Yahoo mostly) and people creating new accounts. As proof of success I created some Jyte claims for people to vote on using OpenIDs.

Presence is a tricky one - its such a major feature in applications today and yet there is very little literature out there about it other than a few bits in HCI journals. Anyway, I've been doing some research as part of a chapter I'm contributing to a book on social networks, so I presented some of that in the other half of the session. I don't think people quite got what I was on about, to be honest, or maybe its just not that exciting if you aren't me!

(The slides would go here, but Slideshare ate them)

A big thanks to Milos for inviting me, for Christian for arranging the whole snowboarding thing, and to Martin and Chris for a very interesting discussion in the Treibhaus (more on that in the FeedForward blog soon).

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