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March 14, 2008

Drop Box 2.0 is a service that lets you create your own dropboxes for people to send you files. They can use email, a web widget, or even their phone to pop stuff into your dropbox. An RSS feed lets you know when you have new stuff. Why is this interesting? Well, when you start to move away from using a monolithic LMS, one of the first features you miss, and which doesn't have an obvious replacement, is a way of handling assignment submissions. lets you create any number of drop boxes, so it would be fairly simple to create them for particular lecturers, departments, or even specific essays. You can put the "drop it here" widget on the teacher's blog, the department website, or wherever you like. However, right now it is missing one major function, which is enabling "write only" functionality. Currently if you know the drop URL (or guess it correctly), you can get everything anyone else has dropped, which is an argument for using the supplied hashcodes as Drop names rather than using guessable names.

Darren Draper is keen to see educational uses of this, and so am I!

If you fancy sending me a file, here's my drop:

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