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April 02, 2009

Microsoft adopting W3C Widgets for mobile platforms

Some more good news for fans of Widgets and open standards: Microsoft has announced it intends to support the W3C Widgets specification in version 6.5 its Windows Mobile operating system.

The announcement on the team blog at Microsoft is welcome news, and I think we'll see some other big players join is as the specification reaches Candidate status in June.

Currently the anticipated support for the W3C specification seems to be strongest in the mobile community; however I think the synergy possible when developers can create widgets that will work across mobile, desktop, and web applications will see adoption spread much more widely.

I think being able to access a Widget in a course using Wookie, then grabbing it and putting it onto a smartphone - complete with its original context - would be a really compelling demo, and a good way to show how the PLE-VLE connection can work in practice.

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