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April 20, 2009

W3C Widgets - Vodafone Mobile Widget Camp

The W3C Widgets specification is really starting to get a momentum going as it heads towards its final release. The W3C specification provides a vendor-neutral platform for Widget developers, enabling widgets to be deployed on conforming mobile devices, desktops, dedicated applications and appliances, and web services. Vodafone's Mobile Widget Camp is one of the first - but certainly not the last - event focussing on getting Widget developers on board.

The Mobile Widget Camp takes place in Amsterdam on the 2nd of May, and features expert guidance and the opportunity to submit widgets for a 22,000 Euro mobile widgets competition.

To help folks get started, Peter Paul Koch has put together a nice introduction to W3C Widgets on his blog.

At the last CETIS Widgets Working Group meeting in Edinburgh we also proposed holding a widget developer's event; in this case focussed on W3C web widgets using the Wookie widget engine (currently integrated with the Moodle and Sakai platforms). So we'll be interested to see how the Vodafone event works out. What would be great is to show good practical interoperability from mobile to web (and vice-versa) enabled by the W3C specification.

The W3C specification is approaching its 2nd Last Call for the main packaging and configuration specification, with the API specification still in development (but, I think its fair to say, looking pretty close to how it will finally appear).

If you're in the UK education sector, or develop a platform used in the sector, and would like to get involved or better informed about developing, using or supporting W3C widgets, probably the best place to start is the CETIS Widgets Working Group.

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