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June 19, 2009

Wookie/Moodle Wave - what's next

A big, big thanks to everyone who's been over to our test site to try out our Wookie-powered "Moodle Wave". Over 200 people have tried the app, and have left loads of useful comments in the chat widget.

We'll keep the demonstration running; what's more you can grab the embed code for any of the gadgets and put them in your own sites (they still work exactly as if they were still in the course). Just click the grey "embed" button under each widget/wave gadget and paste the HTML into your page.

We've got lots of work to do now in getting more documentation written and tidying up the source code. (Of course, you can already download builds or check out the whole of the source code and build Wookie yourself). We've got some plans in this area but sadly nothing I can reveal yet.

One request we had was for detailed documentation on how to use the Wookie demo server to get the widgets into your own Moodle; this is pretty easy, but we need to sort out our API key generator for the test site before you can do it unaided (currently you have to email me for an API key, rather than just sign up for one). I'll get onto that one soon.

Some of the next steps include the folks at LAMS having a go at integrating Wookie in time for the European LAMS conference in the UK next month, which will be very interesting - fingers crossed Ernie will be able to make it happen! I'll be on holiday that week so I'll miss the show, but some of the other team members are likely to be there.

I'm currently writing up the experience of the past week for a paper I'll submit for the MUPPLE 2009 workshop in France in September, building on some of the implications of the work for institutions and individuals.

If you've got any questions or suggestions about Wookie or the "Moodle Wave" demo, feel free to post comments here on my blog, or drop me an email.

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