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July 01, 2009

A Wiki in a Widget

Just how much typical VLE/CMS/Groupware tools can you actually replace with Widgets? Well I've long disliked the Moodle wiki, so decided to have a go at writing a Wiki Widget. I've embedded it below.

Now its not exactly brilliant, but then again it wasn't a big job; mostly I used the Creole javascript WikiText parser, and hooked it into Wookie's Wave Gadget API implementation to handle shared persistence. So you can have a shared wiki per course area, or indeed per blog post. I'm sure with a bit of effort it could be quite usable - sometimes less is more.

The source package for this widget can be downloaded here. (Change the file extension from .wgt to .zip to open it up and look at the source).

(I wonder how long until it gets spammed?)

If you're in the UK education sector, or develop a platform used in the sector, and would like to get involved or better informed about developing, using or supporting W3C widgets and related technologies like Google Wave, then probably the best place to start is the CETIS Widgets Working Group.

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