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July 21, 2009

Wookie Accepted into Apache Incubator

Last week the Wookie Widget Server developed by our team based at the University of Bolton was accepted into the Apache Incubator. You can find quite a few posts on this blog about Wookie; but the basic idea is that this is a server that provides support for W3C Widgets and related technologies (e.g. Google Wave Gadgets) in a way that can be easily integrated into other applications, including Moodle, LAMS, Wordpress, and Elgg.

We're now working on moving all the source code and sorting out the legal and licensing side of things, but this shouldn't take long; the incubator project page is now up, so you can keep an eye on our progress there.

Once this stage is completed, we'll be working to ensure that Wookie is sustainable with a broad group of committers from different organisations. We've already had quite a few people interested in contributing which is very encouraging. If you're interested, there is a mailing list set up for developers; to subscribe to the list, send a message to

So exciting times ahead for Paul, Kris and I working on Wookie in the Apache Incubator!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Wookie - especially the TenCompetence EU Project that funded the original development work, and also everyone who participated in the CETIS Widgets Working Group, which proved very helpful in informing the direction of the project, and to the folks at the Palette project (Alain, Stephane and Jerome) and the W3C Webapps group.

A special thanks to Ross at OSSWatch for helping out in many different ways, from helping us to develop the business case at the university to the actual Apache Incubator submission process. See also the post by Ross on the OSSWatch blog

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