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March 09, 2010

Wookie wins Dev8D BasicLTI challenge!

On February 26th, the winners were announced for a series of code challenges that were set during the Dev8D event in London - and one of the winners was a very cool Wookie demo put together by Dan Hagon and Mark Johnson (with a bit of help from me)

The challenge was to create the best learning tool/integration using IMS Basic LTI and Blackboard. For this I completed work on an IMS BasicLTI adapter forApache Wookie (incubating), Dan converted a Google Wave Gadget for collaborative molecule models into a W3C Widget running in Wookie, and Mark made a multi-user editor based on TinyMCE. Together these were added to a Moodle course on Chemistry - using both the Wookie API and also BasicLTI (they work a little differently, so its nice to see that).

Because the widgets were being made available through BasicLTI, they could also be added to Blackboard, WebCT, Desire2Learn and Sakai, which is nice!

You can find out more about the challenges and winners over on the Dev8D blog

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