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July 06, 2010

Future of Interoperability Standards

If you're involved in developing standards and specifications then you should make a space in your diary for the second Future of Interoperability Standards event taking place in London on the 24th of September.

While the previous FIS event was focussed on areas such as governance and in particular the role of informal standardisation processes, this event is going to focus on technical aspects - how we model, develop, document, test and handle conformance for specifications and standards.

As before, we're inviting position papers, so if you have a view on how standards should be developed, or how the documentation should be written, or any other topic related to the area then you can either send us a paper by email, or blog it and send us a link, and we'll circulate it ahead of the meeting and make sure delegates have access to it during the event.

The papers from the previous event are still available, and are a great resource for people interested in this area.

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