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TELCERT Workshop; Tools for the e-Learning Framework

This workshop introduce participants in the e-Learning Framework projects and the broader JISC community to the tools developed by the TELCERT project. These tools exploit the IMS Application Profiling Guidelines which offer the prospect of refining (i.e. profiling) a variety of e-Learning technology specifications so as to better meet the needs of a target community, without breaking underlying interoperability.

Does this sounds like 'have your cake and eat it?' At the workshop, you will see how, with the SchemaProf tool, you can perform a variety of adaptations on an XSD whilst still remaining compliant with the base schema.

The Content Re-Engineering Tool (built upon RELOAD) takes the profiled schemas from SchemaProf and using these, provides an editor for constructing community-focused xml documents associated with a variety of specifications. Current examples cover profiles of Content Packaging, Learning Design, Learner Information and e-Portfolio.

Having produced your content or data based upon a community profile, the profile definition is also used to configure the Open Group's Test System. This enables communities to each create dedicated conformance programme for their profile at far less cost than developing bespoke testing from scratch.

Too good to be true? Come and see and for yourself.

Date: 26 January, 2006
Venue: University of Bolton
Event website: /members/telcert/
Contact email:

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